Poem Sampler

Love Poems from Poetry Magazine

Two dozen Valentines, from Yeats to Komunyakaa.

by The Editors

The editors of Poetry chose two dozen love poems from its earliest issues to more recent ones.

Love Present

“The Hush of the Very Good” by Todd Boss

“Eros of Heroines” by Ange Mlinko

“crossing into canaan” by D.A. Powell

“Cuckoldom” by BJ Ward

“Little Soul” by Hadrian, translated by W.S. Merwin

“Love at Thirty-two Degrees” by Katherine Larson

“Pied Booty” by Dabney Stuart

“Togetherness” by Yusef Komunyakaa

“Probation” by Averill Curdy

“Recitative” by A.E. Stallings

“You That I Loved” by A.F. Moritz

“Last Call” by Randall Mann


Love Past

“Postlude” by William Carlos Williams

“Over the Roofs” by Sarah Teasdale

“Eros Turannos” by Edwin Arlington Robinson

“Ladies” by Ezra Pound

“Song” by D.H. Lawrence

“A Lover” by Amy Lowell

“To a Husband” by Amy Lowell

“Tutto è Sciolto” by James Joyce

“The Root” by Helen Hoyt

“A Prayer for My Daughter” by W.B. Yeats

“Leave Taking” by Louise Bogan

“To a Dead Lover” by Louise Bogan

Originally Published: February 8, 2007



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