Poem Sampler

Relationship Poems

Poems about happy, successful relationships.

by James Clark

1. “To Althea, from Prison” by Richard Lovelace
Can a life sentence hinder the human pursuit of love? Of course not! Lovelace reminds us that liberty in love allows us to thrive, wherever we are.

2. “Windchime” by Tony Hoagland
There is much to be learned from observing a loved one. This poem recognizes the insignificant aspects of love that help to craft and ultimately define a relationship.

3. “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns
What quantifies love? Is it the things we say? Here, Burns translates love into the physical world as a flower and a musical tune.

4. “Wavelength” by David St. John
In “Wavelength,” we recognize the mutual reliance of lovers but also their independence. What we admire about love, devotion, and sex is only a fraction of what composes it. This poem attempts to appreciate the other facets of love.

5. “The Old Maid” by Sara Teasdale
Love truly transforms us—not our flesh or the yellow of our teeth, but our spirit and vigor. Teasdale recognizes this, initially seeing herself in an old, sad woman she passes, the woman she might have been if she hadn’t fallen in love.

Originally Published: February 13, 2007


On August 17, 2007 at 9:32am SB Anderson wrote:
I have a friend with a special need child that is actively diing. If a all possible could you send me a poem about the LOVE OF A MOTHER FOR HER SPECIAL NEED CHILD. She said I had sent her one many years ago but the Lord only knows where it is now. Thanks in advance for your help!!

On August 5, 2008 at 12:14am KEVIN wrote:
i want to learn more about all the american poems and poet


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