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Prose from Poetry Magazine
The Medium of the English Language
By James Longenbach

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Extreme Welsh Meter
By Gwyneth Lewis

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Translators’ Note: “Sea Sickness” by Ilya Kutik
By Reginald Gibbons

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Exhuming Vallejo
By Geoffrey Brock

Wittgenstein, a Memoir
How a teacher of philosophy turned one writer into a poet.
By Garrett Caples

The Heart Is Strange
John Berryman turns 100.
By Daniel Swift

Modern Wit
Why the 18th-century Laetitia Pilkington is a heroine for today.
By Ruth Graham

Erin Belieu on her new book, VIDA, and why Robert Redford is relevant to her craft.
By Stacey Lynn Brown

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Four Englands
Four Debut British Poets Being Variously English
By Todd Swift

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Returning to the troubles of a Northern Irish childhood
By Colette Bryce

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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