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Prose from Poetry Magazine
Explicit As a Star
By Jenni Quilter

Tess Taylor on Thomas Jefferson, her family tree, and why literary history is full of omissions.
By Stacey Lynn Brown

These Charming Men
How Morrissey’s music turned one teenager into a poetry lover.
By Kimberly Reyes

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Finders, Keepers
May Swenson: Collected Poems, edited by Langdon Hammer
By Alfred Corn

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Defending the windy cliffs of forever
By Marianne Boruch

Prose from Poetry Magazine
The art of landscape writing
By Merrill Gilfillan

Gifting in Verse
Six notable books that pair poetry with images.
The Editors

The Imaginative Man
C.S. Lewis’s first love was poetry, and it enabled him to write the prose for which he is remembered.
By Laura C. Mallonee

Based on a True Story. Or Not.
Does it matter if a poem that seems autobiographical is actually fictional?
By Kathleen Rooney

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Studies in Scale
Excerpts from The Gorgeous Nothings
By Jen Bervin, Emily Dickinson

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