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Change’s Purchase
How Alan Shapiro is a poet of revision.
By Jonathan Farmer

Poem Guide
William Butler Yeats: “Easter, 1916”
How the conflict of a nation was captured by a politically reluctant poet.
By Ange Mlinko

Susan Cheever on E. E. Cummings and the state of biography.
By Claire Luchette

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Risk Delight
Happiness and the “I” at the End of the World
By Michael Klein

Prose from Poetry Magazine
The Emily Dickinsons
Emily Dickinson's The Gorgeous Nothings, edited by Marta Werner and Jen Bervin
By Christina Pugh

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Three Reviews
Daisy Fried's Women's Poetry: Poems and Advice, Carmen Giménez Smith's Milk and Filth, and Emilia Phillips's Signaletics
By Rebecca Hazelton

Sleep as Resistance
Hejinian, Whitman, and more on the politics of sleep.
By Siobhan Phillips

Vital Signs
A poet and photographer join together to celebrate the rough beauty of San Bernardino.
By The Editors

Visiting Carolyn Kizer
Mentorship from a woman poet is no small thing.
By Annie Finch

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Reporting Poetry
A PBS correspondent on Homer, Haiti, and the news that stays news
By Jeffrey Brown

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