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Poem Sampler
William Butler Yeats 101
An introduction to his poetry.
By The Editors

“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” Turns 100
The famous poem was nearly not published.
By The Editors

Giving Voice
Jacqueline Woodson, the new young people’s poet laureate, on why poetry is a party everyone is invited to.
By Stacey Lynn Brown

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Seven Letters
By John Wieners, Michael Seth Stewart

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Warlords Are Not the Only Tyrants
Joanne Diaz's My Favorite Tyrants, Fanny Howe's Second Childhood, Dorothea Lasky's Rome, and Sina Queyras's MxT
By Rebecca Hazelton

A summer stint in a hospital, where poetry is necessary medicine.
By Win Bassett

Maggie Nelson on birth, death, and everything in between.
By Emily Gould

Poem Sampler
Alice Notley 101
A brief guide to her poetry
By Benjamin Voigt

Talk to the Dead
Ruth Lilly Prize winner Alice Notley on the voice and spirits of her poetry.
By Adam Plunkett

Prose from Poetry Magazine
Against Witness
Paul Celan, Doris Salcedo, and memory in the Internet age
By Cathy Park Hong

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