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Essay on Children's poetry
Poetry is an Egg with a Horse Inside
Don’t underestimate what your students can understand how they will face the mysteries of poetry.
By Matthea Harvey

Essay on Children's poetry
Children’s Poetry
Giving children the gift of language in all its forms
By Eileen Myles

Essay on Children's poetry
Fears, Truths, and Waking Life
On the teaching of Kenneth Koch
By Jordan Davis

Life Upon These Shores
How did Robert Hayden, devoted formalist, suspicious of identity politics, come to write the most powerful poem about the transatlantic slave trade? 

By Lavelle Porter

PJ Harvey publishes her first book of poetry, a collaboration with photographer Seamus Murphy.
By Ruth Graham

In Search of “Desiderata”
The tangled story behind a most popular poem.
By Daniel Nester

Essay on Children's poetry
Lift Every Voice
By Jacqueline Woodson

It's Complicated
Clarice Lispector and Elizabeth Bishop’s fraught relationship.
By Alexandra Pechman

Prufrock, Lewinsky, and the Poetry of History
How T. S. Eliot’s lovelorn classic still sways us.
By Austin Allen

An Ear for Poetry
The knottiness of a prevalent metaphor.
By Julian B. Gewirtz, Rachel R. Kolb

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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