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Behind the Sound
Does the man who created a storied 1970s collection live up to the legend?
By Daniel Nester

Articles for Teachers & Students
Learning about Figurative Language
How to use simile and metaphor like a boss.
By Rebecca Hazelton

Articles for Teachers & Students
Learning Image and Description
Opening the luminous door in your writing.
By Rachel Richardson

Going Electric
One poet’s beginnings—and interruptions.
By Aram Saroyan

First Loves
A formative moment, fixed in poets’ minds.
By Lynn Melnick, Brett Fletcher Lauer

Snow Days
From flurries to relentless storms, why snow makes American poetry American.
By Stephen Burt

Keats and King Lear
For the poet, Sundays were not for church, but for Shakespeare.
By Adam Plunkett

Their Living Names
Elegies in the letters of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell.
By Austin Allen

Sex with Brent Reiten
How an obscure 1980s collection might be poetry's best one-night stand.
By Jason Tesauro

The Disappearance of Rosemary Tonks
Praised by the likes of Philip Larkin, Tonks was a writer to be reckoned with. Why did she vanish?
By Ruth Graham

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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