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Articles for Teachers & Students
Autobiographia Litter-Aria
Discovering the art of selection in creative work
By Christina Davis

Articles for Teachers & Students
Be a Bunch of Yous
Students use their imaginations to expand a sense of self.
By Laura Solomon

Articles for Teachers & Students
The Sonnet as a Silver Marrow Spoon
Finding pleasure and insight where it lies hidden, using in a fixed poetic form
By Adam O'Riordan

Articles for Teachers & Students
Verse Journalism: The Poet as Witness
Teaching history and current events through a new type of poetry writing
By Georgia A. Popoff, Quraysh Ali Lansana

Articles for Teachers & Students
Advice for Teachers
Classroom tips for approaching poetry, based on what matters most to you and your students.
By Stephen Burt

From Attic to Archive
A trove of rare photographs of the Beats finds a new home.
By John Suiter

Poetry Madness: Kobe Edition
16 sports poems, set against one another. Which will be crowned the winner?
By Adrienne Raphel

Essay on Children's poetry
Poetry is an Egg with a Horse Inside
Don’t underestimate what your students can understand how they will face the mysteries of poetry.
By Matthea Harvey

Essay on Children's poetry
Children’s Poetry
Giving children the gift of language in all its forms
By Eileen Myles

Essay on Children's poetry
Fears, Truths, and Waking Life
On the teaching of Kenneth Koch
By Jordan Davis

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