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Articles for Teachers & Students
Learning the Poetic Line
How line breaks shape meaning
By Rebecca Hazelton

The Natural
How Gary Snyder continues to surprise.
By Stefan Beck

Lightning and Lullabies
Dylan Thomas was not only a young genius but a genius of youth.
By Austin Allen

'It's Cooking'
The work behind Frank O’Hara’s seemingly light Lunch Poems, now 50 years old.
By Callie Siskel

Voice of Eros
George Herbert was a good churchman, but his poems made him a master of the erotic.
By Adam Plunkett

'China Is the Magic Place'
Why Marianne Moore looked east for inspiration.
By Alexandra Pechman

Tell It Slant
How to write a wise poem.
By Camille T. Dungy

Beneath His Hat
How Cliven Bundy and cowboy poetry leads us to Wordsworth and Brodsky.
By Kathleen Rooney

Self Made
In the early years of the 20th century, Florence Ripley Mastin called herself a poet, and then she made herself one.
By Ruth Graham

Articles for Teachers & Students
Teaching the Persona Poem
Don’t write what you know; write who you aren’t.
By Rebecca Hazelton

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