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Freedom in Poetry
Freedom is where the artist begins: there are no rules, and the principles and habits are up to you.
By Robert Pinsky

Leaves of Glass
Breaking Bad’s Walt Whitman fixation.
By Kera Bolonik

The Lives of Lorine Niedecker
How important is a poet's biography?
By Hannah Brooks-Motl

Lost at Sea
Why shipwrecks have engaged the poetic imagination for centuries.
By Casey N. Cep

Everything But
Creating tension in love poetry.
By Beth Ann Fennelly

Learning to Breathe under Water
Considering Muriel Rukeyser’s oceanic work.
By Alicia Ostriker

Whole Earth Poem Catalog
Is there any blank space left for a new poem, old subjects?
By Jessica Greenbaum

My Walking Shoes
Working-class origins of an American lyric.
By Afaa Michael Weaver

Nuptial Matters
How did poetry become an essential part of American wedding ceremonies—and why is it so hard to choose a poem of one’s own?
By Ruth Graham

Letters from Archibald MacLeish
I was in my 20s when I learned the octogenarian writer was my neighbor, so I wrote him a letter. All I wanted was for his literary greatness to rub off on me; through our correspondence, he became my teacher and more.
By Carl Vigeland

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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