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Paper Cuts
Is paper’s diminishing relevance changing the way poets write?
By Alexandra Pechman

These Charming Men
How Morrissey’s music turned one teenager into a poetry lover.
By Kimberly Reyes

The Imaginative Man
C.S. Lewis’s first love was poetry, and it enabled him to write the prose for which he is remembered.
By Laura C. Mallonee

Based on a True Story. Or Not.
Does it matter if a poem that seems autobiographical is actually fictional?
By Kathleen Rooney

Left Behind
Can poetry comfort the grieving?
By Joy Katz

A Little Society
From the Brontës to Dorothy and William Wordsworth, literary siblings challenge assumptions of lonely genius.
By Casey N. Cep

Forever — is composed of Nows —
How poet Emily Dickinson continues to inspire.
By The Editors

Mystery Man
For a few years in the 1930s, Ronald Lane Latimer struck gold as an editor, publishing Stevens, Williams, and more. Then he disappeared.
By Ruth Graham

Not Quite
Why Rachel Wetzsteon is her generation’s best love poet.
By Adam Kirsch

Articles for Teachers & Students
Back to School with Poetry
Poetry lessons and resources for teachers.
By The Editors

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