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The Original 'Home Ec'
Jonathan Skinner on observing the goings-on in your backyard and why ecopoetics isn’t just for writers.
By Maria Hetman

For decades, film editor and sound designer Walter Murch has been a champion of the Italian writer Curzio Malaparte. But it wasn’t enough to read his work; he had to translate him.
By Joy Katz

Not Enough
Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his new book, the old days, and why poetry needs to be beat up.
By David Meltzer

War Stories
Veteran Kevin Powers’s celebrated novel The Yellow Birds has its origins in his poetry.
By Evan Smith Rakoff

To the People
Richard Blanco on being chosen as the nation’s fifth inaugural poet.
By Ruth Graham

Conjuring Act
Nearly 60 years ago, Weldon Kees vanished without a trace. Why is Kathleen Rooney summoning him today?
By James Reidel

Lettering the Stage
Sarah Ruhl on her latest play, ‘Dear Elizabeth,’ why the Bishop-Lowell correspondence is so compelling, and what poetry can accomplish that theater cannot.
By Ruth Graham

A ‘Poetry-Fueled War’
During the Civil War, poetry didn’t just respond to events; it shaped them.
By Ruth Graham

Opening Up
Mary Karr on writing country music, why Ashbery is a bad influence, and how her father was like Chekhov
By Ruth Graham

"I Make You Make Me Sing"
Post-LSD Romantic Aaron Shurin discusses the pleasures of embodied poetics.
Aaron Shurin interviewed by Christopher Hennessy

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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