Clarice Lespector in front of Mt. Vesuvius in 1945. Image courtesy of New Directions.
It's Complicated
Clarice Lispector and Elizabeth Bishop’s fraught relationship.
By Alexandra Pechman


Essay on Children's poetry
Lift Every Voice

By Jacqueline Woodson

Poem Guide
James Merrill: “The Victor Dog”

The poet inhabits a dog and listens to his master’s voice.
By Ange Mlinko

Prufrock, Lewinsky, and the Poetry of History

How T. S. Eliot’s lovelorn classic still sways us.
By Austin Allen

Poem Sampler
Sylvia Plath 101

Tracing the poetics of a lyrical genius
By Benjamin Voigt

Quality Life

Morgan Parker talks about Twitter, the importance of accountability, and leaving no emotional stone unturned.
By Kathleen Rooney

Poem Sampler
Maya Angelou 101

A brief guide to her poetry
By The Editors

Poem Guide
John Clare: “To John Clare”

A Romantic poet imagines a better life, where he never grew up.
By Stephen Burt

An Ear for Poetry

The knottiness of a prevalent metaphor.
By Julian B. Gewirtz, Rachel R. Kolb

Poem Sampler
Emily Dickinson 101

Demystifying one of our greatest poets
By The Editors

Living Tradition

Clare Cavanagh talks about the joys and challenges of translation.
By Alex Dueben

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