Modern Wit
Why the 18th-century Laetitia Pilkington is a heroine for today.
By Ruth Graham



Erin Belieu on her new book, VIDA, and why Robert Redford is relevant to her craft.
By Stacey Lynn Brown

About the Shark

How do we see ourselves in animals?
By Kathleen Rooney

Ovid and Marty McFly

How Ben Lerner’s new novel dissolves into a poem.
By Adam Plunkett

Poem Sampler
The Art of Poetry with Robert Pinsky

A new online course led by the former poet laureate
By The Editors


Louise Glück on the writing process, her 13th book of poems, and why she experiences a ‘kind of grief’ upon publication.
By Claire Luchette

Articles for Teachers & Students
Learning the Poetic Line

How line breaks shape meaning
By Rebecca Hazelton

Poem Sampler
Modern Poetry with Al Filreis

The most popular poetry MOOC is up and running again
By The Editors

Three Dimensions

Jody Gladding on translation, the sources of language, and how beetles can speak of longing.
By Jen Bervin

Poem Guide
Wallace Stevens: “The Emperor of Ice-Cream”

The chilly heart of a whimsical poem
By Austin Allen

Poem Sampler
The Poetry of World War I

From poems written in the trenches to elegies for the dead, these poems commemorate the Great War.
By The Editors

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