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2007-06-25 Listen 10,000 Brutal Years Thomas Lux
Poetry Off the Shelf
2012-10-04 Listen 100 Years of Poetry Magazine Ezra Pound
Kay Ryan
Charles Bukowski
Tom Disch
Poetry Off the Shelf
2012-04-06 Listen 1926 Weldon Kees
Poem of the Day
2014-04-19 Listen 1926 Weldon Kees
Poem of the Day
2011-08-24 Listen 20 Barbara Guest
Poem of the Day
2013-03-20 Listen 20 Barbara Guest
Poem of the Day
2013-12-17 Listen 20 Barbara Guest
Poem of the Day
2013-03-18 Listen 2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Winner: Marie Ponsot Marie Ponsot
Poetry Off the Shelf
2014-05-06 Listen 2014 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Winner: Nathaniel Mackey Nathaniel Mackey
Poetry Off the Shelf
2013-06-05 Listen 24/7 Alan R. Shapiro
Poem of the Day
2011-08-22 Listen About a Boy Atsuro Riley
Poetry Off the Shelf
2010-09-22 Listen The Abracadabra Boys Carl Sandburg
Poem of the Day
2008-05-01 Listen Abusing Animals in the Name of Poetry Kay Ryan
Poetry Off the Shelf
2008-10-06 Listen "Accident Plays a Part in Art" Laura Kasischke
Sarah Lindsay
Derek Sheffield
Hart Crane
The Poetry Magazine Podcast
2014-07-18 Listen Act III, Sc. 2 Jorie Graham
Poem of the Day
2008-03-10 Listen Activist Poetry That Won't Make You Run the Other Way Rigoberto González
Poetry Off the Shelf
2010-04-05 Listen Actors vs. Poets Edward Hirsch
Poetry Off the Shelf
2013-03-11 Listen Adam Zagajewski: International Poets in Conversation Adam Zagajewski
Clare Cavanagh
Poetry Lectures
2011-09-08 Listen Adrienne Rich: Essential American Poets Adrienne Rich
Essential American Poets
2011-05-06 Listen Adventures in Babysitting Bernadette Mayer
Gaius Valerius Catullus
Poetry Off the Shelf

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