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Poetry Lectures

Talks given by notable scholars and critics on poets, poetry, and their intersections with other art forms. Features recordings from historic archives and live events.

Mark Scroggins

Mark Scroggins discusses Louis Zukofsky's development as a poet.

More Episodes from Poetry Lectures

5/18/2012Listen to this podcast

Nikola Madzirov: International Poets in Conversation

  • Nikola Madzirov
4/17/2012Listen to this podcast

Poetry and Piano

  • Reginald Gibbons
  • Christina Pugh
  • Ed Roberson
  • Rachel Jamison Webster
3/21/2012Listen to this podcast

Three Native American Poets

  • Sherwin Bitsui
  • Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
  • Linda Hogan
2/15/2012Listen to this podcast

Kwame Dawes

  • Kwame Dawes
1/11/2012Listen to this podcast

Raúl Zurita: International Poets in Conversation

  • Forrest Gander
  • Raúl Zurita
12/16/2011Listen to this podcast

Rita Dove

  • Rita Dove
11/16/2011Listen to this podcast

Aleš Šteger: International Poets in Conversation

9/14/2011Listen to this podcast

Philip Levine

  • Philip Levine
6/20/2011Listen to this podcast

Blas Falconer and Gina Franco

  • Blas Falconer
  • Gina Franco
5/18/2011Listen to this podcast

Francisco Aragón and Brenda Cárdenas

  • Francisco Aragón
  • Brenda Cárdenas
5/4/2011Listen to this podcast

Don Paterson on Robert Frost

  • Robert Frost
  • Don Paterson
3/28/2011Listen to this podcast

William Carlos Williams

  • William Carlos Williams
2/18/2011Listen to this podcast

Jahan Ramazani

  • Jahan Ramazani
1/19/2011Listen to this podcast

Brenda Hillman: Stronach Memorial Lecture

  • Brenda Hillman
12/16/2010Listen to this podcast

Peter Sacks: Stronach Memorial Lecture

  • Peter Sacks
11/16/2010Listen to this podcast

Seamus Heaney

  • Seamus Heaney
10/19/2010Listen to this podcast

Gwendolyn Brooks

  • Gwendolyn Brooks
9/16/2010Listen to this podcast

Billy Collins

  • Billy Collins
5/26/2010Listen to this podcast

Robert Pinsky

  • Robert Pinsky
4/26/2010Listen to this podcast

Mary Karr and Stuart Dybek

  • Stuart Dybek
  • Mary Karr

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