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Poetry Off the Shelf

Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.

Poetry in Motion

Daniel Nester revisits the "greatest poetry documentary of all time" on its 30th birthday.

More Episodes from Poetry Off the Shelf

5/22/2014Listen to this podcast

Poetry Defined

  • Edward Hirsch
5/6/2014Listen to this podcast

2014 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Winner: Nathaniel Mackey

  • Nathaniel Mackey
4/29/2014Listen to this podcast

Life Will Never Be the Same

  • Rachel Zucker
4/15/2014Listen to this podcast

Voices from the Past

  • Seamus Heaney
  • Dylan Thomas
3/28/2014Listen to this podcast

Not Flesh or Stone

  • Yusef Komunyakaa
3/11/2014Listen to this podcast

How Should I Begin?

  • Jessica Greenbaum
2/26/2014Listen to this podcast

How It Is

  • Maxine W. Kumin
2/11/2014Listen to this podcast

Valentines for the Romantically Challenged

  • Margaret Atwood
  • Pablo Neruda
1/23/2014Listen to this podcast

Commercial Poetry

  • Walt Whitman
1/10/2014Listen to this podcast

Not Fade Away

  • Richard Eberhart
12/19/2013Listen to this podcast

Poems to Fight Against the Dark

  • Jane Kenyon
  • Christina Rossetti
12/12/2013Listen to this podcast

A Hip Hop Villanelle

  • Wanda Coleman
  • LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs
12/5/2013Listen to this podcast

His Dark Places

  • Gerard Manley Hopkins
11/21/2013Listen to this podcast

Thanksgiving Poems

  • Witter Bynner
  • Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
  • Brad Leithauser
11/11/2013Listen to this podcast

David Sedaris on Poetry

  • Susan Wheeler
11/6/2013Listen to this podcast

Beyond The Artifice of Elegy

  • Joy Katz
  • Mary Szybist
10/23/2013Listen to this podcast

National Book Award in Poetry

  • Lucie Brock-Broido
  • Adrian Matejka
10/10/2013Listen to this podcast

Her Delightful Life

  • Lyn Hejinian
  • Emily Warn
10/3/2013Listen to this podcast

Stop the Milk

  • Matt Rasmussen
9/25/2013Listen to this podcast

Modernism’s Mystery Man

  • Wallace Stevens

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