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Poetry Off the Shelf

Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.

The Early Days of Poetry Magazine

How does a small literary magazine survive 100 years?

More Episodes from Poetry Off the Shelf

1/24/2013Listen to this podcast

Kittens, Charlie Chaplin, and Death

  • Hart Crane
  • Jennifer Michael Hecht
1/16/2013Listen to this podcast

Asleep, But Not at Rest

  • Weldon Kees
  • Kathleen Rooney
1/10/2013Listen to this podcast

How Terrific It Is

  • Lisa Jarnot
12/20/2012Listen to this podcast

Poems of Transcendence

  • George Herbert
  • James Merrill
12/14/2012Listen to this podcast

Can Poetry Take on Tragedy?

  • Dan Beachy-Quick
12/5/2012Listen to this podcast

Poetry North, Poetry South

  • George Moses Horton
  • Julia Ward Howe
  • Henry Timrod
11/20/2012Listen to this podcast

In the Middle of Dinner

  • Chris Abani
  • Mark Jarman
  • Josephine Miles
  • Idra Novey
11/7/2012Listen to this podcast

Less is More, More or Less

  • Brooklyn Copeland
  • Lorine Niedecker
10/24/2012Listen to this podcast

Romancing the Pork

  • Bertolt Brecht
  • Jane Hirshfield
  • Les Murray
  • Robin Robertson
  • Kevin Young
10/17/2012Listen to this podcast

Poems that Knock it Out of the Park

  • Donald Hall
  • Gail Mazur
10/4/2012Listen to this podcast

100 Years of Poetry Magazine

  • Charles Bukowski
  • Tom Disch
  • Ezra Pound
  • Kay Ryan
9/26/2012Listen to this podcast

The Cure for Romanticism?

  • Lord Byron (George Gordon)
9/12/2012Listen to this podcast

Who Done It in Brooklyn?

  • Julian Talamantez Brolaski
8/7/2012Listen to this podcast

Elegy for the Animals

  • Sarah Lindsay
8/1/2012Listen to this podcast

Trying to Impress Literary Types

  • Josh Warn
7/18/2012Listen to this podcast

He Felt Truth

  • Alden Van Buskirk
7/11/2012Listen to this podcast

Her Commerce in Shall

  • Catherine Wagner
6/26/2012Listen to this podcast

What's a Body Language For?

  • William Matthews
  • David Yezzi
6/13/2012Listen to this podcast

Even in Mississippi

  • Dana Gioia
  • Natasha Trethewey
6/7/2012Listen to this podcast

Be Kind While There's Time

  • Mary Karr
  • Nick Laird
  • Philip Larkin

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