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Poet Kenneth Goldsmith presents selections from UbuWeb, the learned and varietous online repository concerning concrete and sound poetry, experimental film, outsider art, and all things avant-garde.
Schedule: Every Six Weeks

Driven by Sound Tracks

An audio tour of films featuring Vito Acconci, Erik Satie, Vicki Bennett, Karl Holmquist, and more from the UbuWeb archive.

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09/07/2010  Listen  The Sound of Silence   
07/23/2010  Listen  Almost Completely Understanding  Gertrude Stein
06/02/2010  Listen  Sounds of Fluxus   
03/23/2010  Listen  UbuWeb Interviews  William Carlos Williams
11/24/2009  Listen  The Women of the Avant-Garde (part 2)  Gertrude Stein
10/19/2009  Listen  The Women of the Avant-Garde  Caroline Bergvall
Patti Smith
Denise Levertov
08/19/2009  Listen  Continental Drift  Kenneth Goldsmith
Guillaume Apollinaire
Arthur Rimbaud
07/22/2009  Listen  The Sounds of the UK  Kenneth Goldsmith
04/28/2009  Listen  Resident Voices  Kenneth Goldsmith
01/06/2009  Listen  Punk Versions of Monkey Chants  Kenneth Goldsmith
10/21/2008  Listen  Protest Poetry With a Beat  Amiri Baraka
Ezra Pound
Allen Ginsberg
08/01/2008  Listen  Schwitters Happens   
05/27/2008  Listen  Best Decade Ever?   
02/18/2008  Listen  The First "Three-dimensional" Magazine?   
01/18/2008  Listen  The World of Outsiders  Kenneth Goldsmith
12/05/2007  Listen  What did Patti Smith, Frank O'Hara, and Meredith Monk Have in Common?  Patti Smith
Frank O'Hara

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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