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By Talvikki Ansel


05/29/2015  Listen  She had a death in me  Joan Houlihan
05/28/2015  Listen  The People of the Other Village  Thomas Lux
05/27/2015  Listen  . . . (In Exion)  Jennifer Scappettone
05/26/2015  Listen  After Making Love We Hear Footsteps  Galway Kinnell
05/25/2015  Listen  Me and Bubble went to Memphis  Thylias Moss
05/24/2015  Listen  Every Hard Rapper’s Father Ever: Father of the Year  Douglas Kearney
05/23/2015  Listen  Windy City  Stuart Dybek
05/22/2015  Listen  Momma Said  Calvin Forbes
05/21/2015  Listen  Poet as Gambler  Rosemary Tonks
05/20/2015  Listen  jesus knew  Nick Flynn
05/19/2015  Listen  The Portrait  Edith Södergran
05/18/2015  Listen  last swan of avon  Julian Talamantez Brolaski
05/17/2015  Listen  A March  Ishion Hutchinson
05/16/2015  Listen  Pastorals in the Atrium  Sadiqa de Meijer
05/15/2015  Listen  Having My Cards Read  W. S. Di Piero
05/14/2015  Listen  Shirt  Robert Pinsky
05/13/2015  Listen  DetoNation  Ocean Vuong
05/12/2015  Listen  The God of Inattention  Averill Curdy
05/11/2015  Listen  Leaving the Island  Linda Pastan
05/10/2015  Listen  Regarding Chainsaws  Hayden Carruth
05/09/2015  Listen  1926  Weldon Kees
05/08/2015  Listen  The Last Man  Eleanor Wilner
05/07/2015  Listen  Dyspnea  Roberto Tejada
05/06/2015  Listen  When I Am With You  Robert Bly
05/05/2015  Listen  I started Early – Took my Dog – (656)  Emily Dickinson

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