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Kelly Writers House impresario Al Filreis leads a lively roundtable discussion of a single poem with a series of rotating guests including Linh Dinh, Randall Couch, Jessica Lowenthal, Charles Bernstein, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, erica kaufman, and others.
Schedule: Monthly

There It Was: A Discussion of Wallace Stevens's "The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain"

Hosted by Al Filreis and featuring Susan Howe, Dee Morris, and Nancy Kuhl.


07/26/2012  Listen  Without House and Ground: A Discussion of Two Poems by Charles Reznikoff  Charles Reznikoff
07/10/2012  Listen  Find the Missing Line: A Discussion of Jennifer Moxley's "The Atrophy of Private Life"  Jennifer Moxley
06/26/2012  Listen  The Value of a Pronoun: A Discussion of Ron Silliman's You  Ron Silliman
05/23/2012  Listen  Obscure Things Have Already Been Said: A Discussion of Joan Retallack's "Not a Cage"  Joan Retallack
05/03/2012  Listen  Where the Real Exceeds the Ideal: A Discussion of Cole Swensen's "If a Garden of Numbers"   Cole Swensen
03/26/2012  Listen  Why Apples Can Cause Riots: A Discussion of Linh Dinh's "Eating Fried Chicken"  Linh Dinh
02/27/2012  Listen  State of Error: A Discussion of Tom Raworth's "Errory"  Tom Raworth
02/07/2012  Listen  Slow-Down: A Discussion of P. Inman's "reception.theory." and "lac[e]y."  P. Inman
12/19/2011  Listen  Ill Angelic Poetics: A Discussion of Edgar Allan Poe's "Dream-Land"  Edgar Allan Poe
11/10/2011  Listen  Inalienable Writes: A Discussion of Rosmarie Waldrop's "Shorter American Memory of the Declaration of Independence"  Rosmarie Waldrop
10/14/2011  Listen  Writing through Ezra: A Discussion of Jackson Mac Low's Words nd Ends from Ez  Jackson Mac Low
09/07/2011  Listen  Poem Going Down the Drain: A Discussion of Eileen Myles’s "Snakes"   Eileen Myles
08/12/2011  Listen  On the Other Side of the Tracks: A Discussion of Fred Wah's "Race, to go."  Fred Wah
06/13/2011  Listen  Wieners by Night: A Discussion of John Wieners’s "The Acts of Youth"  John Wieners
04/19/2011  Listen  A Hole Torn in the World: A Discussion of Nathaniel Tarn's "Unravelling / Shock"   Nathaniel Tarn
03/01/2011  Listen  Ezra in Venice: A Discussion of "Canto III" of The Cantos by Ezra Pound  Ezra Pound
Richard Sieburth
01/31/2011  Listen  Loss in Reverse: A Discussion of Susan Schultz’s Dementia Blog  Susan M. Schultz
12/29/2010  Listen  After the Night Years: On "The Sun Came" by Etheridge Knight and "Truth" by Gwendolyn Brooks  Etheridge Knight
Gwendolyn Brooks
12/08/2010  Listen  If Nothing Ever Ended: A Discussion of Norman Fischer’s poem “I’d Like to See It.”  Norman Fischer
11/02/2010  Listen  Finding the Words: Jena Osman's "Dropping Leaflets"  Jena Osman
10/08/2010  Listen  Writing through Imagism: A Discussion of H.D.'s "Sea Poppies" and Jennifer Scappettone's "Vase Poppies.”  H. D.
Jennifer Scappettone
08/24/2010  Listen  Trained Listener : A Discussion of Bruce Andrews's "Center"   Bruce Andrews
07/26/2010  Listen  Back to Geography: A Discussion of Charles Olson's "Maximus, to Gloucester, Letter 27"   Charles Olson
06/21/2010  Listen  Is Flarf Corrosive?: A Discussion of Sharon Mesmer's "I Accidentally Ate Some Chicken and Now I'm in Love with Harry Whittington."   Sharon Mesmer
Nada Gordon
05/24/2010  Listen  Power and Art: A Discussion on Susan Howe's version of Emily Dickinson's "My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun"  Emily Dickinson

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