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Kelly Writers House impresario Al Filreis leads a lively roundtable discussion of a single poem with a series of rotating guests including Linh Dinh, Randall Couch, Jessica Lowenthal, Charles Bernstein, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, erica kaufman, and others.
Schedule: Monthly

Strange Galvanics: A Discussion of Will Alexander's "Compound Hibernation"

Hosted by Al Filreis and featuring Kristen Gallagher, Tracie Morris, and Michael Magee.


10/07/2009  Listen  Living with Terror: A Discussion of Cid Corman’s “enuresis"  Cid Corman
09/17/2009  Listen  Just Begun to Learn: A Discussion of Section 12 of Louis Zukofsky’s “Anew”  Louis Zukofsky
08/21/2009  Listen  Totally Indivisible: A Discussion of Charles Bernstein's "In a Restless World Like This Is"  Charles Bernstein
07/30/2009  Listen  Choice and Style: A Discussion of Amiri Baraka's "Kenyatta Listening to Mozart"   Amiri Baraka
07/07/2009  Listen  Learn the Language: A Discussion of Bob Perelman’s “The Unruly Child”  Bob Perelman
06/09/2009  Listen  The Sort of Person You Imagine: A Discussion of Lydia Davis’s “A Position at the University”   Lydia Davis
05/12/2009  Listen  Psycho-Acoustics: A Discussion of Rodrigo Toscano’s “Poetics”  Rodrigo Toscano
04/07/2009  Listen  because I am always talking: A Discussion of Robert Creeley's "I Know a Man"  Robert Creeley
03/10/2009  Listen  Surpassing Things We've Known Before: A Discussion of Lyn Hejinian's “constant change figures”   Lyn Hejinian
02/03/2009  Listen  It’s Like a New Reality, Man: A Discussion of Wallace Stevens’s “Not Ideas about the Thing, But the Thing Itself”  Wallace Stevens
01/12/2009  Listen  Can't Stop the Cars: A Discussion of Kathleen Fraser's ‘The Cars’  Kathleen Fraser
11/11/2008  Listen  Troubled Sleep: A Discussion of Ezra Pound's "Cantico del Sole"  Ezra Pound
10/07/2008  Listen  Paddling Ladders: A Discussion of Erica Hunt's "The Voice of No"  Erica Hunt
09/09/2008  Listen  Portrait, But of Whom?: A Discussion of Gertrude Stein's "Christian Bérard"  Gertrude Stein
Jerome Rothenberg
Bob Perelman
08/13/2008  Listen  The Beginnings Concept: A Discussion of John Ashbery's "Crossroads in the Past"  John Ashbery
07/10/2008  Listen  Grease is the Word: A Discussion of Rae Armantrout's "The Way"  Rae Armantrout
06/02/2008  Listen  Now Is the Time: A Discussion of Jerome Rothenberg's ‘A Paradise of Poets’  Jerome Rothenberg
05/07/2008  Listen  Hold Your Breath and Gag: A Discussion of Jaap Blonk's "What the President Will Say and Do"  Jaap Blonk
04/04/2008  Listen  Doing Not Enough Every Day: A Discussion of Ted Berrigan’s "3 Pages"  Ted Berrigan
03/03/2008  Listen  Bard Goes Country: A Discussion of Allen Ginsberg Singing Blake's 'The Garden of Love'  William Blake
02/04/2008  Listen  Don't Know How to Say: A Discussion of George Oppen's 'Ballad'  George Oppen
01/07/2008  Listen  No Place for Little Lyric: A Discussion of Adrienne Rich's "Wait"  Adrienne Rich
12/05/2007  Listen  Broken Pieces: A Discussion of William Carlos William’s “Between Walls”  William Carlos Williams

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