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By Linda Gregg


11/19/2014  Listen  Dyslexic  Winifred Hughes
11/18/2014  Listen  Traveling Light  Dabney Stuart
11/17/2014  Listen  Spring and Fall  Gerard Manley Hopkins
11/16/2014  Listen  Birdsong, face it, some male machine  Marianne Boruch
11/14/2014  Listen  The Real Prayers Are Not the Words, But the Attention that Comes First  Mary Oliver
11/13/2014  Listen  The One Remaining Star  Susanne Dubroff
11/12/2014  Listen  My Chosen Landscape  P. K. Page
11/11/2014  Listen  Chimera (Excerpt 1)  Averill Curdy
11/10/2014  Listen  Four Haiku  Kris Hemensley
11/09/2014  Listen  My Understanding One Day of Foxgloves  John Lee Clark
11/08/2014  Listen  from "Reunions"  Brooklyn Copeland
11/07/2014  Listen  "Mizar" and "Alcor" in Winter  Timothy Murphy
11/06/2014  Listen  Letting Go  Fay Zwicky
11/05/2014  Listen  Ode to the Steambox  Matthew Nienow
11/04/2014  Listen  Robinson  Weldon Kees
11/03/2014  Listen  Childhood's Retreat  Robert Duncan
11/02/2014  Listen  Ode for the American Dead in Asia  Thomas McGrath
11/01/2014  Listen  The House Gift  Joanie Mackowski
10/31/2014  Listen  Little God Origami  Stefi Weisburd
10/30/2014  Listen  Robinson  Weldon Kees
10/28/2014  Listen  Permanent Press  Alice Friman
10/27/2014  Listen  A crush of oily plant and treated white  Joan Houlihan
10/26/2014  Listen  Woman Reading  Kathleen Flenniken
10/25/2014  Listen  "I used to love the run-up to a storm"  Melanie Braverman
10/24/2014  Listen  Summer Garden  Louise Glück

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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