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Doubled Mirrors

By Kenneth Rexroth


10/20/2014  Listen  The Flowers  Don Paterson
10/20/2014  Listen  Extreme Wisteria  Lucie Brock-Broido
10/19/2014  Listen  Butchers  C. K. Williams
10/18/2014  Listen  Ghost of Heaven  Carolyn Forché
10/17/2014  Listen  In the Cold Kingdom  Mona Van Duyn
10/16/2014  Listen  I Know a Man  Robert Creeley
10/15/2014  Listen  Man in Space  Billy Collins
10/14/2014  Listen  Drift-Raft  Atsuro Riley
10/13/2014  Listen  The Wealth of the Destitute  Denise Levertov
10/12/2014  Listen  Caned  Terese Svoboda
10/11/2014  Listen  1926  Weldon Kees
10/10/2014  Listen  A Story about Chicken Soup  Louis Simpson
10/09/2014  Listen  Glass  A. R. Ammons
10/08/2014  Listen  Wall, Cave, and Pillar Statements, after Asôka  Alan Dugan
10/07/2014  Listen  The Boom and After the Boom   Alice Lyons
10/06/2014  Listen  Light Thickens  Elizabeth Biller Chapman
10/05/2014  Listen  Worth  Marilyn Nelson
10/04/2014  Listen  rotten oasis  Judith Goldman
10/03/2014  Listen  The Town Dump  Howard Nemerov
10/02/2014  Listen  The Prisoners of War  Tom Disch
09/30/2014  Listen  Tonight  Agha Shahid Ali
09/29/2014  Listen  Waterlily Fire  Muriel Rukeyser
09/28/2014  Listen  Incident at Grantley Manor  Stephen Edgar
09/27/2014  Listen  American Poetry  Louis Simpson
09/26/2014  Listen  One Afternoon ["On tiptoe, putting away a box..."]  Joanie Mackowski

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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