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Imagined Room

By Barbara Guest


12/26/2014  Listen  cutting greens  Lucille Clifton
12/25/2014  Listen  Lyell's Hypothesis Again  Kenneth Rexroth
12/24/2014  Listen  Traveling Light  Dabney Stuart
12/23/2014  Listen  To the Western World  Louis Simpson
12/22/2014  Listen  On Leaving the Bachelorette Brunch  Rachel Wetzsteon
12/21/2014  Listen  Inheriting My Grandmother's Nightmare  Anne Stevenson
12/20/2014  Listen  Best Laid  Maureen N. McLane
12/19/2014  Listen  Skyland  Brenda Iijima
12/18/2014  Listen  Here  Samuel Menashe
12/17/2014  Listen  Little God Origami  Stefi Weisburd
12/16/2014  Listen  Chain of Women  Annie Finch
12/15/2014  Listen  The Beach in August  Weldon Kees
12/14/2014  Listen  End Grain  Matthew Nienow
12/12/2014  Listen  A Late History  Weldon Kees
12/11/2014  Listen  A Regret  David Trinidad
12/10/2014  Listen  The Beach in August  Weldon Kees
12/09/2014  Listen  The Land of Nod  James Arthur
12/08/2014  Listen  Flamingo Watching  Kay Ryan
12/07/2014  Listen  To My Dear and Loving Husband  Anne Bradstreet
12/06/2014  Listen  Puzzle  Brenda Iijima
12/05/2014  Listen  The Beach in August  Weldon Kees
12/04/2014  Listen  Sparrow Trapped in the Airport  Averill Curdy
12/03/2014  Listen  from Light: Blue Poles  Inger Christensen
12/02/2014  Listen  Christmas Prelude  Lisa Jarnot
12/01/2014  Listen  Trip to Delphi  Alice Friman

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