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Busman's Honeymoon

by A. F. Moritz


01/23/2014  Listen  The Minister of Culture Gets His Wish  Mark Strand
01/21/2014  Listen  Very like a Whale  Brook Emery
01/20/2014  Listen  Wonder as Wander  Sharon Olds
01/19/2014  Listen  J. Beer 1969-1969  John Beer
01/18/2014  Listen  The Children of the Poor  Gwendolyn Brooks
01/17/2014  Listen  Disgraceland  Mary Karr
01/16/2014  Listen  After Ken Burns  Laura Kasischke
01/15/2014  Listen  The Ten Best Issues of Comic Books  Alice Notley
01/14/2014  Listen  John Ashbery  John Ashbery
01/14/2014  Listen  The Drowning Man  Roddy Lumsden
01/13/2014  Listen  [They travel in threes]  Susan Hampton
01/11/2014  Listen  Creative Writing  Miroslav Holub
01/10/2014  Listen  Valéry as Dictator  Amiri Baraka
01/09/2014  Listen  Elegy for the Parents  Lynne Knight
01/08/2014  Listen  To the Angelbeast  Eduardo C. Corral
01/07/2014  Listen  Gas Station Rest Room  Alan R. Shapiro
01/06/2014  Listen  Prodigy  Charles Simic
01/05/2014  Listen  Walking, Blues  Jane Mead
01/04/2014  Listen  Song (“The world is full of loss ... ”)  Muriel Rukeyser
01/03/2014  Listen  Wedding-Ring  Denise Levertov
01/02/2014  Listen  Captains in Captivity  Seth Abramson
01/01/2014  Listen  Canada Anemone  Fleda Brown
12/31/2013  Listen  Regarding Chainsaws  Hayden Carruth
12/30/2013  Listen  Eating Sin  Michael Sharkey
12/29/2013  Listen  “More Light! More Light!”  Anthony Hecht

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