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Petersen: Kleichen and a Man

By George Szirtes


11/16/2013  Listen  The Woodpecker Keeps Returning  Jane Hirshfield
11/15/2013  Listen  Searchers  D. Nurkse
11/14/2013  Listen  Homeland Security  Geoffrey Brock
11/13/2013  Listen  The Beginning of the Fields   Angela Shaw
11/12/2013  Listen  In the Green Morning, Now, Once More  Delmore Schwartz
11/11/2013  Listen  Stranger in Town  Cedar Sigo
11/10/2013  Listen  On Wanting to Tell [ ] about a Girl Eating Fish Eyes  Mary Szybist
11/09/2013  Listen  The Dream of Lacquer Box  Kimiko Hahn
11/08/2013  Listen  Time's Train  Wyatt Prunty
11/07/2013  Listen  Forecast  Ruth Stone
11/06/2013  Listen  It's That Time  W. S. Di Piero
11/05/2013  Listen  This Most Perfect Hill  Lisa Jarnot
11/04/2013  Listen  She had a death in me  Joan Houlihan
11/03/2013  Listen  The Dipper  Kathleen Jamie
11/02/2013  Listen  The Second Slaughter  Lucia Perillo
11/01/2013  Listen  Storm Windows  Howard Nemerov
10/31/2013  Listen  La Prima Victoria  Idra Novey
10/30/2013  Listen  Disgraceland  Mary Karr
10/29/2013  Listen  From a Daybook  David St. John
10/28/2013  Listen  Thanatos Machine  Terese Svoboda
10/27/2013  Listen  Stranger in Town  Cedar Sigo
10/26/2013  Listen  After the Air Tattoo  Fiona Sampson
10/25/2013  Listen  The Same City  Terrance Hayes
10/24/2013  Listen  "Mizar" and "Alcor" in Winter  Timothy Murphy
10/23/2013  Listen  The Peacock at Alderton  Geoffrey Hill

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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