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From Citizen: “You are in the dark, in the car...”

By Claudia Rankine


01/07/2015  Listen  The Tyger  William Blake
01/06/2015  Listen  Corpus Medicum  C. Dale Young
01/05/2015  Listen  Loving in Truth  Chris Wallace-Crabbe
01/04/2015  Listen  An Epiphany  Ted Kooser
01/03/2015  Listen  Captain Lovell, ["Dad calls her the Dowager but I call her Aunt G."]  Gabrielle Calvocoressi
01/02/2015  Listen  The Pumpkin Tree  Robert Wrigley
01/01/2015  Listen  sisters  Lucille Clifton
12/31/2014  Listen  Lines Written on a Nursery Wall  Sandra Simonds
12/30/2014  Listen  Pied Beauty  Gerard Manley Hopkins
12/29/2014  Listen  Act III, Sc. 2  Jorie Graham
12/28/2014  Listen  Fever 103°  Sylvia Plath
12/27/2014  Listen  Ariadne  Jeanne Murray Walker
12/26/2014  Listen  cutting greens  Lucille Clifton
12/25/2014  Listen  Lyell's Hypothesis Again  Kenneth Rexroth
12/24/2014  Listen  Traveling Light  Dabney Stuart
12/23/2014  Listen  To the Western World  Louis Simpson
12/22/2014  Listen  On Leaving the Bachelorette Brunch  Rachel Wetzsteon
12/21/2014  Listen  Inheriting My Grandmother's Nightmare  Anne Stevenson
12/20/2014  Listen  Best Laid  Maureen N. McLane
12/19/2014  Listen  Skyland  Brenda Iijima
12/18/2014  Listen  Here  Samuel Menashe
12/17/2014  Listen  Little God Origami  Stefi Weisburd
12/16/2014  Listen  Chain of Women  Annie Finch
12/15/2014  Listen  The Beach in August  Weldon Kees
12/14/2014  Listen  End Grain  Matthew Nienow

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