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A Letter

by Amrita Pritam


11/03/2013  Listen  The Dipper  Kathleen Jamie
11/02/2013  Listen  The Second Slaughter  Lucia Perillo
11/01/2013  Listen  Storm Windows  Howard Nemerov
10/31/2013  Listen  La Prima Victoria  Idra Novey
10/30/2013  Listen  Disgraceland  Mary Karr
10/29/2013  Listen  From a Daybook  David St. John
10/28/2013  Listen  Thanatos Machine  Terese Svoboda
10/27/2013  Listen  Stranger in Town  Cedar Sigo
10/26/2013  Listen  After the Air Tattoo  Fiona Sampson
10/25/2013  Listen  The Same City  Terrance Hayes
10/24/2013  Listen  "Mizar" and "Alcor" in Winter  Timothy Murphy
10/23/2013  Listen  The Peacock at Alderton  Geoffrey Hill
10/22/2013  Listen  To a Poor Old Woman  William Carlos Williams
10/21/2013  Listen  [There is someone who knows]  Roberto Tejada
10/20/2013  Listen  Io  Jill Osier
10/19/2013  Listen  You Can't Buy Shoes in a Painting  Jill Osier
10/18/2013  Listen  A Man in Blue  James Schuyler
10/17/2013  Listen  Monster [It's possible I misconstrued you]  Brook Emery
10/16/2013  Listen  Without Warning  Sarah Lindsay
10/15/2013  Listen  The Envoy  Jane Hirshfield
10/14/2013  Listen  [Record no oiled tongue, diary]   Dan Beachy-Quick
10/13/2013  Listen  Inkwell daybreak  Jean Valentine
10/12/2013  Listen  In the Basement of the Goodwill Store  Ted Kooser
10/11/2013  Listen  Three Persons  Vijay Seshadri
10/09/2013  Listen  Lines Written on a Nursery Wall  Sandra Simonds

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