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By Alicia Ostriker


01/15/2016  Listen  On the Ground  Saskia Hamilton
01/14/2016  Listen  Time in a Brown House  Mark Halliday
01/13/2016  Listen  Shirt  Robert Pinsky
01/12/2016  Listen  In Black  Joyce Sutphen
01/11/2016  Listen  Linens  Kay Ryan
01/10/2016  Listen  The Supplicant  Stuart Dybek
01/09/2016  Listen  Funny Strange  Jennifer Michael Hecht
01/08/2016  Listen  from Light: Blue Poles  Inger Christensen
01/07/2016  Listen  "Poetry rejoices..."  Håkan Sandell
01/06/2016  Listen  Not Waving but Drowning  Stevie Smith
01/05/2016  Listen  A Not So Good Night in the San Pedro of the World   Charles Bukowski
01/04/2016  Listen  At Pegasus  Terrance Hayes
01/03/2016  Listen  To What You Said  Walt Whitman
01/02/2016  Listen  Mingus at the Showplace  William Matthews
01/01/2016  Listen  This  Ralph Angel
12/31/2015  Listen  The Dry Bones  Paul Hoover
12/30/2015  Listen  From a Photograph  George Oppen
12/29/2015  Listen  Belongings  Sandra M. Gilbert
12/28/2015  Listen  Paradise after Giovanni di Paolo  Samuel Menashe
12/27/2015  Listen  Pluralisms  Anna Maria Hong
12/26/2015  Listen  Second Mouth  Franny Choi
12/25/2015  Listen  End of Side A  Adrian Matejka
12/24/2015  Listen  Early Elegy: Smallpox  Claudia Emerson
12/23/2015  Listen  The Operation  Anne Sexton
12/22/2015  Listen  "Our sweet companions-sharing your bunk and your bed"  Marina Tsvetaeva

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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