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Autobiography 3

By Michael Palmer


08/24/2014  Listen  Flamingo Watching  Kay Ryan
08/23/2014  Listen  The Ash Bringer  W. S. Di Piero
08/22/2014  Listen  In Eight Parts  Paul Killebrew
08/21/2014  Listen  To Arielle and the Moon  David Trinidad
08/20/2014  Listen  Petersen: Kleichen and a Man  George Szirtes
08/19/2014  Listen  [Record no oiled tongue, diary]   Dan Beachy-Quick
08/18/2014  Listen  Lyell's Hypothesis Again  Kenneth Rexroth
08/17/2014  Listen  Foul Shots: A Clinic  William Matthews
08/16/2014  Listen  Due Soldi di Speranza  Samuel Menashe
08/15/2014  Listen  “For you: anthophilous, lover of flowers”  Reginald Dwayne Betts
08/14/2014  Listen  The Aureole  Nikky Finney
08/13/2014  Listen  "Mizar" and "Alcor" in Winter  Timothy Murphy
08/12/2014  Listen  Time's Train  Wyatt Prunty
08/11/2014  Listen  The Whip  Robert Creeley
08/10/2014  Listen  Airs and Angels: This Night Only  Kenneth Rexroth
08/09/2014  Listen  Sonnets from the Portuguese 43: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways  Elizabeth Barrett Browning
08/08/2014  Listen  Mumblety-Peg  Amy Beeder
08/07/2014  Listen  Measure  Robert Hass
08/06/2014  Listen  Homeland Security  Geoffrey Brock
08/05/2014  Listen  April  Alicia Ostriker
08/04/2014  Listen  Pedestrian  Thomas Lux
08/03/2014  Listen  Song  Alicia Ostriker
08/02/2014  Listen  Sunflowers  José Antonio Rodríguez
08/01/2014  Listen  Family  Josephine Miles
07/31/2014  Listen  Love Song: I and Thou  Alan Dugan

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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