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Three Dreams of Korea: Notes on Adoption

By Lee Herrick


11/26/2015  Listen  Impossible to Tell  Robert Pinsky
11/25/2015  Listen  Valentine's  Talvikki Ansel
11/24/2015  Listen  For the Taking  Sophie Cabot Black
11/23/2015  Listen  Growing a Bear  Hannah Gamble
11/22/2015  Listen  from "White Phosphorus" (excerpts)  Alice Notley
11/21/2015  Listen  The Real Prayers Are Not the Words, But the Attention that Comes First  Mary Oliver
11/20/2015  Listen  Autobiography  Michael Palmer
11/19/2015  Listen  from Doctor Drink, #1  J. V. Cunningham
11/18/2015  Listen  Darwin  Lorine Niedecker
11/17/2015  Listen  Dope  Amiri Baraka
11/16/2015  Listen  Saul Bass Redesigns the First Man  Emilia Phillips
11/15/2015  Listen  The Illiterate  William Meredith
11/14/2015  Listen  tonk and waterfront, black line fade, unbuilt hotel, that union hall  Fred Moten
11/13/2015  Listen  Interesting Times  Mark Jarman
11/12/2015  Listen  Elegy for a Soldier  Marilyn Hacker
11/11/2015  Listen  The Third Hour of the Night  Frank Bidart
11/10/2015  Listen  A Phonecall from Frank O'Hara  Anne Waldman
11/09/2015  Listen  from Doctor Drink, #1  J. V. Cunningham
11/08/2015  Listen  The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock  T. S. Eliot
11/07/2015  Listen  Edward Hopper Study: Hotel Room  Victoria Chang
11/06/2015  Listen  Elegy for a Soldier  Marilyn Hacker
11/05/2015  Listen  Map to the Stars  Adrian Matejka
11/04/2015  Listen  The History of Mothers of Sons  Lisa Furmanski
11/03/2015  Listen  Underneath (13)  Jorie Graham
11/02/2015  Listen  Bright Copper Kettles  Vijay Seshadri

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