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An Apparatus

by Keith Waldrop


10/31/2015  Listen  What My House Would Be Like If It Were A Person  Denise Levertov
10/30/2015  Listen  Zwijgen  Saskia Hamilton
10/29/2015  Listen  Mosquito Music  Philip Gross
10/28/2015  Listen  What My House Would Be Like If It Were A Person  Denise Levertov
10/27/2015  Listen  From a Photograph  George Oppen
10/26/2015  Listen  Birth Order  Rae Armantrout
10/25/2015  Listen  The Labor of Stagger Lee: Boar  Douglas Kearney
10/24/2015  Listen  Now and then  James Schuyler
10/23/2015  Listen  Best Laid  Maureen N. McLane
10/22/2015  Listen  Sonnet 17  Pablo Neruda
10/21/2015  Listen  Ye Elves of Hills, Brooks, Standing Lakes and Groves  William Shakespeare
10/20/2015  Listen  Silence  Billy Collins
10/19/2015  Listen  White Bridge Road  Joan Murray
10/18/2015  Listen  Three Six Five Zero  Conor O'Callaghan
10/17/2015  Listen  Dear One Absent This Long While  Lisa Olstein
10/16/2015  Listen  Atmosphere  A. V. Christie
10/15/2015  Listen  John Altoon  Cedar Sigo
10/14/2015  Listen  At Dauphin Island, 1997  Wilmer Mills
10/13/2015  Listen  The Door  Robert Creeley
10/12/2015  Listen  Ode to the Belt Sander & This Cocobolo Sapwood  Matthew Nienow
10/11/2015  Listen  The Passing  Don Paterson
10/10/2015  Listen  All You Did  Kay Ryan
10/09/2015  Listen  From Citizen: “You are in the dark, in the car...”  Claudia Rankine
10/08/2015  Listen  Lines Written on a Nursery Wall  Sandra Simonds
10/07/2015  Listen  At Pegasus  Terrance Hayes

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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