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Last Night

by Jill Osier


05/01/2015  Listen  "I came upon the gnawed torso of a seal"  Melanie Braverman
04/30/2015  Listen  reading  joanne burns
04/29/2015  Listen  The Beautiful Animal  Geoffrey Brock
04/28/2015  Listen  Ars Poetica  Dorothea Lasky
04/27/2015  Listen  The Fall of 1992  Randall Mann
04/26/2015  Listen  In Every Life  Alicia Ostriker
04/25/2015  Listen  The Land of Nod  James Arthur
04/24/2015  Listen  Not for You, Not for the World  Barbara Perez
04/23/2015  Listen  Day After Day of the Dead  Nathaniel Mackey
04/22/2015  Listen  Fugitivity is immanent to the thing but is manifest transversally  Fred Moten
04/21/2015  Listen  Psalm  George Oppen
04/20/2015  Listen  The house was just twinkling in the moon light  Gertrude Stein
04/19/2015  Listen  Prayer for a Bamboo-Flowering Famine  Karen An-hwei Lee
04/18/2015  Listen  Mirror Image  Jan Owen
04/17/2015  Listen  An Epiphany  Ted Kooser
04/16/2015  Listen  The Expatriates  Anne Sexton
04/15/2015  Listen  proportions of a giant in monument valley  Judith Goldman
04/14/2015  Listen  A Letter  Amrita Pritam
04/13/2015  Listen  Because I could not stop for Death – (479)  Emily Dickinson
04/12/2015  Listen  Eating Sin  Michael Sharkey
04/11/2015  Listen  The Day is a Poem   Robinson Jeffers
04/10/2015  Listen  Parchment  Michelle Boisseau
04/09/2015  Listen  from "Field Notes"   Brooklyn Copeland
04/08/2015  Listen  Elegy for the Parents  Lynne Knight
04/07/2015  Listen  Feeling the draft  Bob Hicok

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