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For the Taking

By Sophie Cabot Black


06/26/2015  Listen  A Message from the Wanderer  William E. Stafford
06/25/2015  Listen  There is Someone Who Knows  Roberto Tejada
06/24/2015  Listen  “Majesty”  Keith Waldrop
06/23/2015  Listen  The Gaffe  C. K. Williams
06/22/2015  Listen  A Computerized Jet Fountain in the Detroit Metro Airport  Sidney Wade
06/21/2015  Listen  sisters  Lucille Clifton
06/20/2015  Listen  New Song  Devin Johnston
06/19/2015  Listen  [Let Us Gather in a Flourishing Way]  Juan Felipe Herrera
06/18/2015  Listen  Mingus at the Showplace  William Matthews
06/17/2015  Listen  Blandeur  Kay Ryan
06/16/2015  Listen  The People of the Other Village  Thomas Lux
06/15/2015  Listen  Lake Ontario Park  Sadiqa de Meijer
06/14/2015  Listen  Revelator (Excerpt 2)  Ron Silliman
06/13/2015  Listen  The Bush  Chris Wallace-Crabbe
06/12/2015  Listen  On Gardens  Rick Barot
06/11/2015  Listen  The Mosquito  Rodney Jones
06/10/2015  Listen  The Beginning of the Fields   Angela Shaw
06/09/2015  Listen  Do-rag  Phillip B. Williams
06/08/2015  Listen  Mushrooms  Laura Kasischke
06/07/2015  Listen  Glass  A. R. Ammons
06/06/2015  Listen  Edward Hopper Study: Hotel Room  Victoria Chang
06/05/2015  Listen  Birdsong, face it, some male machine  Marianne Boruch
06/04/2015  Listen  The Wealth of the Destitute  Denise Levertov
06/03/2015  Listen  In the Meantime  Lisa Olstein
06/02/2015  Listen  Self-employed  Samuel Menashe

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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