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By Tom Sleigh


09/16/2015  Listen  Psalm  George Oppen
09/15/2015  Listen  Kind of Blue  Lynn Powell
09/14/2015  Listen  The Jew and the Rooster Are One  Gerald Stern
09/13/2015  Listen  Death  Donald Revell
09/12/2015  Listen  The Double Image  Anne Sexton
09/11/2015  Listen  Relating to Robinson  Weldon Kees
09/10/2015  Listen  Nature Boy  Tomás Q. Morín
09/09/2015  Listen  Salt  Melissa Broder
09/08/2015  Listen  Hum for the Bolt  Jamaal May
09/07/2015  Listen  Plaint in a Major Key  Jorge Sánchez
09/06/2015  Listen  What's Written on the Body  Peter Pereira
09/05/2015  Listen  Eating Poetry  Mark Strand
09/04/2015  Listen  Last Night  Jill Osier
09/03/2015  Listen  Flesh of John Brown’s Flesh: 2 December 1859  Geoffrey Brock
09/02/2015  Listen  Imagined Room  Barbara Guest
09/01/2015  Listen  Talking Blues  Calvin Forbes
08/31/2015  Listen  The Wind  Dafydd ap Gwilym
08/30/2015  Listen  The Obsoletion of a Language  Kay Ryan
08/29/2015  Listen  Break of Day in the Trenches  Isaac Rosenberg
08/28/2015  Listen  Dream of Ink Brush Calligraphy  Karen An-hwei Lee
08/27/2015  Listen  To Whom It May Concern  Andrea Cohen
08/26/2015  Listen  Among the Gorgons  Michelle Boisseau
08/25/2015  Listen  Vase Poppies  Jennifer Scappettone
08/24/2015  Listen  DetoNation  Ocean Vuong
08/23/2015  Listen  Totem Poem [Abandoned in a field near Yass]  Luke Davies

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