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Talking Blues

By Calvin Forbes


03/09/2015  Listen  Applesauce  Ted Kooser
03/08/2015  Listen  Hummingbirds   Yvonne C Murphy
03/07/2015  Listen  “It Out-Herods Herod. Pray You, Avoid It.”  Anthony Hecht
03/06/2015  Listen  from "White Phosphorus" (excerpts)  Alice Notley
03/05/2015  Listen  Straight Razor  Randall Mann
03/04/2015  Listen  The Leaf on the Floor  J. T. Barbarese
03/03/2015  Listen  spring song  Lucille Clifton
03/02/2015  Listen  Mazed Interior  Andrew Joron
03/01/2015  Listen  continental divide  D. A. Powell
02/28/2015  Listen  The Power of a Question  Gabriel Preil
02/27/2015  Listen  The Name  Gerald Stern
02/26/2015  Listen  Echo  Pura López-Colomé
02/25/2015  Listen  The Good News  David Yezzi
02/24/2015  Listen  Early Morning Prompts for Evening Takes Or, Roll ’em!  Rodrigo Toscano
02/23/2015  Listen  Late February  Ted Kooser
02/22/2015  Listen  Ode on a Grecian Urn  John Keats
02/21/2015  Listen  Mother/Child: Coda  Alicia Ostriker
02/20/2015  Listen  Another Insane Devotion  Gerald Stern
02/19/2015  Listen  Te Deum  Eleanor Ross Taylor
02/18/2015  Listen  Guess  Rae Armantrout
02/17/2015  Listen  Still Water  Patricia Fargnoli
02/16/2015  Listen  “A furnace in my father’s voice; I prayed for the coal stove’s”  Ishion Hutchinson
02/15/2015  Listen  Poem with Accidental Memory  Adam Fitzgerald
02/14/2015  Listen  Southern Gothic  Rickey Laurentiis
02/13/2015  Listen  I Walked in the House  Catherine Wagner

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