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Autobiography 3

By Michael Palmer


03/27/2014  Listen  Shipwreck in Haven, Part Four  Keith Waldrop
03/26/2014  Listen  Little God Origami  Stefi Weisburd
03/25/2014  Listen  Eros Turannos  Edwin Arlington Robinson
03/24/2014  Listen  A Message from the Wanderer  William E. Stafford
03/23/2014  Listen  Night Life  Vivian Smith
03/22/2014  Listen  Elegy for the Quagga  Sarah Lindsay
03/21/2014  Listen  spring song  Lucille Clifton
03/20/2014  Listen  Due Soldi di Speranza  Samuel Menashe
03/19/2014  Listen  The Seekonk Woods  Galway Kinnell
03/18/2014  Listen  Linda Bierds   Linda Bierds
03/18/2014  Listen  I allow myself  Dorothea Grossman
03/17/2014  Listen  The Windhover  Gerard Manley Hopkins
03/16/2014  Listen  Landscape Made from Egg and Sperm  Sandra Simonds
03/15/2014  Listen  Conversation 4: On Place  Rosmarie Waldrop
03/14/2014  Listen  The Tyger  William Blake
03/13/2014  Listen  A Tale  Louise Bogan
03/12/2014  Listen  Not for You, Not for the World  Barbara Perez
03/11/2014  Listen  The Hen Swallows a Worm or Slug  A. V. Christie
03/09/2014  Listen  Pig-In-A-Blanket  Matthew Rohrer
03/08/2014  Listen  The Hen Swallows a Worm or Slug  A. V. Christie
03/07/2014  Listen  Song Beside the Barn Wall  Alice Templeton
03/06/2014  Listen  Mehr Licht  Tim Dlugos
03/05/2014  Listen  Then Too There Is This  J. Allyn Rosser
03/04/2014  Listen  Life Cycle of Common Man  Howard Nemerov
03/03/2014  Listen  A Flute Overheard  Marianne Burke

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