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By Alicia Ostriker


08/19/2015  Listen  cutting greens  Lucille Clifton
08/18/2015  Listen  Shipwreck in Haven, Part Four  Keith Waldrop
08/17/2015  Listen  Pumpernickel  Philip Schultz
08/16/2015  Listen  Bedouin of the London Morning  Rosemary Tonks
08/15/2015  Listen  Ode to the Steambox  Matthew Nienow
08/14/2015  Listen  Roadside Ditch Natura Morta  James Galvin
08/13/2015  Listen  from Dante Études, Book One: We Will Endeavor  Robert Duncan
08/12/2015  Listen  The Bridge  Lisa Jarnot
08/11/2015  Listen  Old Toys Come Back  Alan Williamson
08/10/2015  Listen  Revelations in the Key of K  Mary Karr
08/09/2015  Listen  From a Photograph  George Oppen
08/08/2015  Listen  Grass on the Cliff  Robinson Jeffers
08/07/2015  Listen  The Obscenity Prayer  Mary Karr
08/05/2015  Listen  Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight  Yvor Winters
08/04/2015  Listen  Her Name is Rose  Peter Pereira
08/03/2015  Listen  You Are Not Christ  Rickey Laurentiis
08/02/2015  Listen  Most People Would Rather Not  Hannah Gamble
08/01/2015  Listen  Tarantulas on the Lifebuoy  Thomas Lux
07/31/2015  Listen  The Afterbirth, 1931  Nikky Finney
07/30/2015  Listen  To the Man Who Shouted “I Like Pork Fried Rice” at Me on the Street  Franny Choi
07/29/2015  Listen  Limits  Eleanor Ross Taylor
07/28/2015  Listen  Elegance  Linda Gregg
07/27/2015  Listen  The Red Wheelbarrow  William Carlos Williams
07/26/2015  Listen  there is religious tattooing  Fred Moten
07/25/2015  Listen  Spring and Fall  Gerard Manley Hopkins

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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