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By Philip Schultz


07/22/2015  Listen  Totem Poem [If every step taken is a step well-lived]  Luke Davies
07/21/2015  Listen  Portrait d’une Femme  Michael Hofmann
07/20/2015  Listen  Ars Poetica  Dorothea Lasky
07/19/2015  Listen  The Day is a Poem   Robinson Jeffers
07/18/2015  Listen  How Much?  Carl Sandburg
07/17/2015  Listen  Duties of the Spirit  Patricia Fargnoli
07/16/2015  Listen  Sonnets from the Portuguese 43: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways  Elizabeth Barrett Browning
07/15/2015  Listen  Elegance  Linda Gregg
07/14/2015  Listen  Pig-In-A-Blanket  Matthew Rohrer
07/13/2015  Listen  The Singing  C. K. Williams
07/12/2015  Listen  Corpus Medicum  C. Dale Young
07/11/2015  Listen  On Wanting to Tell [ ] about a Girl Eating Fish Eyes  Mary Szybist
07/10/2015  Listen  To the Man Who Shouted “I Like Pork Fried Rice” at Me on the Street  Franny Choi
07/09/2015  Listen  Aunt Joe Learns to Keep Her Balance  Jeanne Murray Walker
07/08/2015  Listen  Coda  Fred Muratori
07/07/2015  Listen  On Wanting to Tell [ ] about a Girl Eating Fish Eyes  Mary Szybist
07/06/2015  Listen  He Lit a Fire with Icicles  Kay Ryan
07/05/2015  Listen  George Washington  Adam Fitzgerald
07/04/2015  Listen  A Perfect Mess  Mary Karr
07/03/2015  Listen  Freely Espousing  James Schuyler
07/02/2015  Listen  The Singing  C. K. Williams
07/01/2015  Listen  ABC Plus E: Cosmic Aloneness Is the Bride of Existence  Mary Jo Bang
06/30/2015  Listen  Doubled Mirrors  Kenneth Rexroth
06/29/2015  Listen  "Our sweet companions-sharing your bunk and your bed"  Marina Tsvetaeva
06/28/2015  Listen  I allow myself  Dorothea Grossman

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