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Autobiography 3

By Michael Palmer


03/02/2014  Listen  Birth Order  Rae Armantrout
03/01/2014  Listen  Foreward  A. V. Christie
02/28/2014  Listen  Variations on Some of Dante’s Last Lines  Norma Cole
02/27/2014  Listen  First Love  Jan Owen
02/26/2014  Listen  Duties of the Spirit  Patricia Fargnoli
02/25/2014  Listen  The Way We Were Made   Marcus Wicker
02/24/2014  Listen  Fever 103°  Sylvia Plath
02/23/2014  Listen  To My Dear and Loving Husband  Anne Bradstreet
02/22/2014  Listen  The Tollund Man  Seamus Heaney
02/21/2014  Listen  Gracious Living 'Tara'  Tom Raworth
02/20/2014  Listen  Lost but Unforgotten   Gerald Stern
Alice Friman
02/20/2014  Listen  Nurture  Maxine W. Kumin
02/19/2014  Listen  Valéry as Dictator  Amiri Baraka
02/18/2014  Listen  The Jar  A. F. Moritz
02/17/2014  Listen  The Age of Aquarius  Fay Zwicky
02/16/2014  Listen  Butter  Andrea Cohen
02/15/2014  Listen  The Burial of the Dead  Sidney Wade
02/14/2014  Listen  My Boyfriend  Camille Guthrie
02/13/2014  Listen  In Love with You  Kenneth Koch
02/12/2014  Listen  Song Beside the Barn Wall  Alice Templeton
02/11/2014  Listen  "I used to love the run-up to a storm"  Melanie Braverman
02/10/2014  Listen  His Stillness  Sharon Olds
02/09/2014  Listen  Song Beside the Barn Wall  Alice Templeton
02/08/2014  Listen  Line  Matt Donovan
02/07/2014  Listen  Monster [It's possible I misconstrued you]  Brook Emery

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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