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Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellström: International Poets in Conversation

Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellerström discuss Swedish poetry and the challenges of translation, and they read some poems in both Swedish and English from their anthology, The Star By My Head.


11/16/2011  Listen  Aleš Šteger: International Poets in Conversation   
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03/24/2010  Listen  Five Muslim American Poets: Part II  Khaled Mattawa
Fady Joudah
Raza Ali Hasan
03/03/2010  Listen  Five Muslim American Poets: Part I  Raza Ali Hasan
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12/09/2009  Listen  Carl Sandburg  Carl Sandburg
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11/03/2009  Listen  Futurism and the New Manifesto: Part II  Joshua Mehigan
Thomas Sayers Ellis
09/21/2009  Listen  Futurism and the New Manifesto: Part I  Charles Bernstein
A. E. Stallings
06/16/2009  Listen  Paul Muldoon  Paul Muldoon
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04/21/2009  Listen  Eavan Boland  Eavan Boland
03/17/2009  Listen  Ed Roberson  Ed Roberson

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