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International Poets in Conversation: Matthew Shenoda

Kwame Dawes speaks with Matthew Shenoda about Shenoda's poetry and identity as an Egyptian American, and the poetry of the African diaspora.


06/20/2011  Listen  Blas Falconer and Gina Franco  Blas Falconer
Gina Franco
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Raza Ali Hasan
03/03/2010  Listen  Five Muslim American Poets: Part I  Raza Ali Hasan
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Fady Joudah
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12/09/2009  Listen  Carl Sandburg  Carl Sandburg
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11/03/2009  Listen  Futurism and the New Manifesto: Part II  Joshua Mehigan
Thomas Sayers Ellis
09/21/2009  Listen  Futurism and the New Manifesto: Part I  Charles Bernstein
A. E. Stallings
06/16/2009  Listen  Paul Muldoon  Paul Muldoon
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01/20/2009  Listen  Marjorie Perloff: American Perspectives  Frank O'Hara

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