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Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.
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Poems to Read at Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Celebrating queer love and same-sex marriage.

MORE EPISODES FROM Poetry Off the Shelf

08/20/2013  Listen  Charles Darwin Condensed  Lorine Niedecker
Hannah Brooks-Motl
08/01/2013  Listen  Wives in the Avocados  Allen Ginsberg
07/18/2013  Listen  Channeling Catullus  Hannah Gamble
Bernadette Mayer
Gaius Valerius Catullus
07/03/2013  Listen  Tennessee Williams on a One-Night Stand  Tennessee Williams
06/26/2013  Listen  Poems to Read at Gay and Lesbian Weddings  Walt Whitman
Christina Rossetti
Essex Hemphill
06/12/2013  Listen  Children's Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt  Kenn Nesbitt
06/06/2013  Listen  Beautiful Voices Project  Harmony Holiday
05/30/2013  Listen  Bishop and Lowell  Elizabeth Bishop
Robert Lowell
05/15/2013  Listen  Poetry for Weddings  Heather McHugh
05/09/2013  Listen  Happy Complicated Mother's Day  Lucille Clifton
04/29/2013  Listen  Appalachian Poetry  James Wright
César Vallejo
Irene McKinney
04/17/2013  Listen  Poetry at the 92nd Street Y  Donald Justice
Laura Kasischke
04/10/2013  Listen  Record-a-Poem  Sylvia Plath
Margaret Atwood
Robert Herrick
03/21/2013  Listen  A Poet in Hell's Kitchen  Mary Karr
03/18/2013  Listen  2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Winner: Marie Ponsot  Marie Ponsot
03/06/2013  Listen  Blooming Like a Clod  Gerard Manley Hopkins
Paisley Rekdal
02/13/2013  Listen  Poetry's Adventurous Valentine  Edna St. Vincent Millay
02/06/2013  Listen  Two Poems Walk into a Bar  William Shakespeare
Moira Egan
Heather McHugh
01/24/2013  Listen  Kittens, Charlie Chaplin, and Death  Hart Crane
Jennifer Michael Hecht
01/16/2013  Listen  Asleep, But Not at Rest  Weldon Kees
Kathleen Rooney
01/10/2013  Listen  How Terrific It Is  Lisa Jarnot
12/20/2012  Listen  Poems of Transcendence  George Herbert
James Merrill
12/14/2012  Listen  Can Poetry Take on Tragedy?  Dan Beachy-Quick
12/05/2012  Listen  Poetry North, Poetry South  George Moses Horton
Julia Ward Howe
Henry Timrod
11/20/2012  Listen  In the Middle of Dinner   

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