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Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.
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‘A Code with No Message’

Poet Laureate Charles Wright on writing and reading poems.

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07/01/2008  Listen  Just a Bunch of Consciousnesses, and a Bunch of Stuff  A. R. Ammons
06/19/2008  Listen  Poetry Is Too Literary  Grace Paley
06/12/2008  Listen  Laugh In  Linh Dinh
06/03/2008  Listen  After Nature  Gary Snyder
05/19/2008  Listen  The Thought of No One Listening Anymore  Philip Schultz
05/12/2008  Listen  Who's Gonna Read This Stuff?  Chase Twichell
05/01/2008  Listen  Abusing Animals in the Name of Poetry  Kay Ryan
04/25/2008  Listen  Is That a Chicken in the Background?  Tyehimba Jess
Steve Scafidi
04/18/2008  Listen  What's a Man Doing in a Feminist Poem?  Alicia Ostriker
Daisy Fried
04/10/2008  Listen  Concrete Poetry  Yusef Komunyakaa
04/01/2008  Listen  Philip Whalen, Totally  Philip Whalen
03/24/2008  Listen  This Cold Day  Mary Jo Bang
03/10/2008  Listen  Activist Poetry That Won't Make You Run the Other Way  Rigoberto González
02/25/2008  Listen  From Charles Reznikoff to Chuck D  Philip Metres
02/13/2008  Listen  Valentine's with a Straight Face  Li-Young Lee
02/06/2008  Listen  Follow the Drinking Gourd  Quraysh Ali Lansana
01/11/2008  Listen  Gimme Fever  Sylvia Plath
12/13/2007  Listen  History vs. the Past  Eavan Boland
12/06/2007  Listen  Dance, Dance Revolution  Cathy Park Hong
11/27/2007  Listen  Excuse Me While I Offend You   
11/15/2007  Listen  Robert Hass  Robert Hass
10/24/2007  Listen  Love in the Age of Global Warming  D. A. Powell
10/11/2007  Listen  “To Wear Words in the Plainest Light”  Anne Stevenson
Elizabeth Bishop
10/04/2007  Listen  A Straight Man's Epiphany in a Gay Bar  Terrance Hayes
09/26/2007  Listen  He Wasn't Always Such a Confessional Guy  Troy Jollimore
Robert Lowell

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