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The editors go inside the pages of Poetry, talking to poets and critics, debating the issues, and sharing their poem selections with listeners.
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Poetry at the End of the World

Poems by Sheryl Luna, Samiya Bashir, Ishion Hutchinson, and Gabrielle Calvocoressi; plus, Michael Klein on end-time poetry.

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03/01/2014  Listen  "Without the Blues There Would Be No Jazz"  Danez Smith
Franny Choi
Nikky Finney
02/01/2014  Listen  February 2014: "a joke that ends with—huh?"  Matthea Harvey
Ocean Vuong
Nance Van Winckel
01/01/2014  Listen  January 2014: Filets of Sounds  Adrian Matejka
Marion McCready
Adam Fitzgerald
12/01/2013  Listen  December 2013: Bring a Poetry Book  Tomás Q. Morín
Eileen Myles
Emilia Phillips
11/01/2013  Listen  November 2013: The Truth About Her Tongue  Tiffany Higgins
Phillip B. Williams
Hannah Sanghee Park
10/01/2013  Listen  October 2013: "what we came here to do"  Hannah Gamble
Nate Marshall
CA Conrad
09/03/2013  Listen  September 2013: The Strangeness of Poetry  Maureen N. McLane
Nate Klug
Dorothea Lasky
07/01/2013  Listen  July/August 2013: Talking to the Dead  Christina Davis
James Galvin
Sadiqa de Meijer
05/31/2013  Listen  June 2013: Poems from Afghanistan  Eliza Griswold
05/01/2013  Listen  May 2013: Yes, Tarp  Marie Ponsot
Jessica Greenbaum
Rick Barot
04/01/2013  Listen  April 2013: Goodbye, Luck  Gwyneth Lewis
J. T. Barbarese
Jamaal May
03/01/2013  Listen  Save the Candor  Rachel Jamison Webster
Amit Majmudar
Douglas Kearney
02/01/2013  Listen  Engineering an April  Joshua Mehigan
Sara Peters
Lisa Russ Spaar
01/01/2013  Listen  "We All Exist, Wetly"  Sara Miller
Kelly Cherry
Barbara Perez
12/03/2012  Listen  Healing by Mistake  Richard Kenney
Lucie Brock-Broido
Eliza Griswold
11/01/2012  Listen  Who Brings the Joy   
10/01/2012  Listen  The Effect of Small Things  Marie Ponsot
Laura Kasischke
Todd Boss
09/04/2012  Listen  "You've Never Seen My Shower"  Dana Levin
James Longenbach
Deborah Paredez
07/01/2012  Listen  Your Other Heart  Adrian Matejka
Saskia Hamilton
Natalie Shapero
06/01/2012  Listen  "That discrete first pock"  Kathleen Raine
Denise Levertov
W. S. Di Piero
05/01/2012  Listen  Just Now Between Positions  Adam Vines
Judith Hall
Kimiko Hahn
04/02/2012  Listen  Looking Animals in the Eye  Yusef Komunyakaa
V. Penelope Pelizzon
Kathy Nilsson
03/01/2012  Listen  "you and your olives, me and my rhyme"  Geoffrey Brock
Peter Cole
Marina Tsvetaeva
02/01/2012  Listen  The Post-Secular Age  Robert Pinsky
José Antonio Rodríguez
Connie Voisine
01/03/2012  Listen  Dumb Pig Fate  Michael Ryan
Louise Glück
Eliza Griswold

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