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The editors go inside the pages of Poetry, talking to poets and critics, debating the issues, and sharing their poem selections with listeners.
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April 2015: "Cast Poems in the River and Tell Them You Remember"

Quaraysh Ali Lansana describes how his life and poems have been shaped by hip hop, plus the editors discuss poems by Jamila Woods, Tara Betts, and Kristiana Rae Colón.

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09/01/2010  Listen  Nothing Plus the Idea of Chocolate  David Shapiro
Jacob Saenz
Maria Hummel
07/01/2010  Listen  Meat Wants Sweet  Robert Pinsky
Robert P. Baird
Wilmer Mills
06/01/2010  Listen  Iamb What Iamb  Ron Silliman
Averill Curdy
Paul Hoover
05/01/2010  Listen  The Farmer’s in the Dell  Eleanor Ross Taylor
Linda Kunhardt
Andrew Hudgins
04/01/2010  Listen  Don’t Hold Out for Love  Randall Mann
Cathy Park Hong
H. L. Hix
03/01/2010  Listen  No Me, No You, No Opinions  Dorothea Grossman
Gisela Kraft
Carlo Betocchi
02/01/2010  Listen  Why Live Without Writing?  Durs Grünbein
Michael Hofmann
Robert Hass
01/01/2010  Listen  Are Poets Lazy Bastards?  Carmine Starnino
Mary De Rachewiltz
Andrea Cohen
12/01/2009  Listen  Poems Can Stop Bulldozers  Valzhyna Mort
Jill Alexander Essbaum
John Kinsella
11/01/2009  Listen  Poetry Takes a Walk  James Schuyler
Gottfried Benn
Peter Cole
10/01/2009  Listen  We Live in a Time Full of Love  A. V. Christie
Kevin Young
W. S. Di Piero
09/01/2009  Listen  We Don't Have Cold Feet  Katia Kapovich
Lucia Perillo
Don Paterson
07/10/2009  Listen  "There's No Creativity, There's Just Decisions"  Kenneth Goldsmith
06/01/2009  Listen  The Dark Has No Teeth  Thom Gunn
Michael Hofmann
Averill Curdy
05/01/2009  Listen  Rhapsodies and Rude Epics  Inger Christensen
Hanoch Levin
Ilya Kaminsky
04/01/2009  Listen  Bringing a Different Music Into English   
02/27/2009  Listen  You're Always Moving Toward Silence  John Ashbery
Seth Abramson
Katy Didden
01/30/2009  Listen  I Love Originality So Much I Keep Copying It   
12/30/2008  Listen  Of All the Poems in the World, Why Would You Pick This One?  Allen Edwin Butt
Kim Addonizio
12/01/2008  Listen  Her Victorian Roots are Showing  Joan Houlihan
Roddy Lumsden
Fred D'Aguiar
10/31/2008  Listen  The Savage Detective Turns to Poetry  Mary Szybist
Jorge Sánchez
10/06/2008  Listen  "Accident Plays a Part in Art"  Laura Kasischke
Sarah Lindsay
Derek Sheffield
09/08/2008  Listen  Requiem, Vindication, and a Gas Station Restroom  Clive James
Elizabeth Arnold
Alan R. Shapiro
08/13/2008  Listen  Killing Him  Yehuda Amichai
07/03/2008  Listen  Feeling Like a Worm in Tequila?  Wendy Videlock
David Biespiel
Dean Young

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