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By David Ferry


04/13/2012 Listen Portrait of an Old Woman on the College Tavern Wall Anne Sexton
04/11/2012 Listen One Afternoon ["On tiptoe, putting away a box..."] Joanie Mackowski
04/08/2012 Listen The Weight Linda Gregg
04/05/2012 Listen A Prior Despair Scott Cairns
04/03/2012 Listen Homeland Security Geoffrey Brock
04/02/2012 Listen The History of Jazz Kenneth Koch
03/29/2012 Listen Portrait d’une Femme Michael Hofmann
03/28/2012 Listen What Is Life Gregory Orr
03/26/2012 Listen Notes on Poverty Hayden Carruth
03/25/2012 Listen To My Legs W. S. Merwin
03/24/2012 Listen Barley Field Olav H. Hauge
03/23/2012 Listen the library of t-shirts joanne burns
03/21/2012 Listen The Age of Aquarius Fay Zwicky
03/20/2012 Listen “Was you ever bit by a dead bee?” Hailey Leithauser
03/18/2012 Listen Little Map Jean Valentine
03/15/2012 Listen Sotto Voce C. Dale Young
03/14/2012 Listen Conversion Comedy Ange Mlinko
03/12/2012 Listen from “In Our Own Backyard” Norma Cole
03/08/2012 Listen The Paris Mouse Sandra M. Gilbert
03/07/2012 Listen Time's Train Wyatt Prunty
03/06/2012 Listen Dyspnea Roberto Tejada
03/04/2012 Listen Foreward A. V. Christie
03/03/2012 Listen The God of Inattention Averill Curdy
03/02/2012 Listen Captains in Captivity Seth Abramson
02/29/2012 Listen Giving Directions to McDonalds Kris Hemensley

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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