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By David Ferry


08/29/2011 Listen My Mother Would Be a Falconress Robert Duncan
08/27/2011 Listen Staying Power Jeanne Murray Walker
08/27/2011 Listen Summer of the Ladybirds Vivian Smith
08/25/2011 Listen Fog Horns David Mason
08/24/2011 Listen Lazy David Yezzi
08/22/2011 Listen Woman Reading Kathleen Flenniken
08/21/2011 Listen Sleepers Awake John Ashbery
08/18/2011 Listen Yellow Dress Amy Beeder
08/17/2011 Listen Misgivings William Matthews
08/16/2011 Listen Queen-Anne’s Lace William Carlos Williams
08/15/2011 Listen A Locked House W. D. Snodgrass
08/15/2011 Listen Totem Poem [In the yellow time of pollen] Luke Davies
08/08/2011 Listen I Love Country Music Paul Killebrew
08/08/2011 Listen Mazed Interior Andrew Joron
08/08/2011 Listen The Paradise Flick Michael Sharkey
08/05/2011 Listen No River Road Ralph Sneeden
08/03/2011 Listen The Dogs at Live Oak Beach, Santa Cruz Alicia Ostriker
08/02/2011 Listen Contents Page Stephen Edgar
07/30/2011 Listen Lonely Eagles Marilyn Nelson
07/30/2011 Listen First Love Jan Owen
07/29/2011 Listen The Murder of William Remington Howard Nemerov
07/28/2011 Listen Mr. Attila Carl Sandburg
07/27/2011 Listen Corpus Medicum C. Dale Young
07/26/2011 Listen The Undeniable Pressure of Existence Patricia Fargnoli
07/21/2011 Listen Affekt Funereal / Affekt Jamboree Rodrigo Toscano

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