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Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.
Schedule: Weekly

“Inscribe the poem on yourself”

Dan Beachy-Quick on the pleasures of memorization.

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02/08/2007 Listen What Valentine's Day Means to Me Joel Brouwer
Tony Hoagland
02/02/2007 Listen Romantic or Plain Erotic Ange Mlinko
Camille Guthrie
01/25/2007 Listen So Much Depends On William Carlos Williams
01/17/2007 Listen When You Are Old and Gray Donald Hall
01/11/2007 Listen Gods and Monsters  
12/29/2006 Listen Avant-Garde All the Time Kenneth Goldsmith
12/20/2006 Listen The Issue at Hand  
12/05/2006 Listen Inside the Box  
11/28/2006 Listen Call the Poet Charlie Smith
11/14/2006 Listen Eve's Revenge on God  
11/09/2006 Listen Surf and Turf Special Mark Doty
Richard Hugo
11/07/2006 Listen Two 9/11 Poems Wisława Szymborska
William Meredith
11/02/2006 Listen Democracy in America Walt Whitman
10/25/2006 Listen Robert Browning Robert Browning
10/19/2006 Listen Recasting Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Brooks
10/12/2006 Listen Garrison Keillor, Billy Collins, and Kay Ryan Kay Ryan
Billy Collins
Garrison Keillor
10/06/2006 Listen Unforgettable Sex Kim Addonizio
09/27/2006 Listen Kids Eat It Up Jack Prelutsky
09/20/2006 Listen Trouble Sleeping? Robert Wrigley
Meghan O'Rourke
Sarah C. Harwell
08/31/2006 Listen Talking Out of School Gerald Stern
Mary Karr
08/24/2006 Listen Poetry on the Couch Linda Pastan
Wallace Stevens
08/17/2006 Listen Strange Fruit Yusef Komunyakaa
08/09/2006 Listen Two Poems and Some Talking Heads Robert Polito
Mina Loy
08/03/2006 Listen Tough Poem? Call the Poet Dean Young
07/26/2006 Listen "What I Wanted Was Your Love, Not Pity" June Jordan

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