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Conversion Comedy

By Ange Mlinko


03/26/2013 Listen The Straight Path Gone Astray: A Discussion of Caroline Bergvall's "Via" Caroline Bergvall
03/21/2013 Listen A Poet in Hell's Kitchen Mary Karr
03/18/2013 Listen 2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Winner: Marie Ponsot Marie Ponsot
03/11/2013 Listen Adam Zagajewski: International Poets in Conversation Adam Zagajewski
Clare Cavanagh
03/06/2013 Listen Blooming Like a Clod Gerard Manley Hopkins
Paisley Rekdal
03/05/2013 Listen Daytime Never Ends: A Discussion of Laynie Browne's Daily Sonnets Laynie Browne
03/01/2013 Listen Save the Candor Rachel Jamison Webster
Amit Majmudar
Douglas Kearney
Amy Gerstler
Reginald Dwayne Betts
02/15/2013 Listen Robin Blaser Robin Blaser
02/13/2013 Listen Poetry's Adventurous Valentine Edna St. Vincent Millay
02/06/2013 Listen Two Poems Walk into a Bar William Shakespeare
Moira Egan
Heather McHugh
Gary Snyder
02/01/2013 Listen Engineering an April Joshua Mehigan
Sara Peters
Lisa Russ Spaar
01/29/2013 Listen A Space Only You Can Build: A Discussion of Charles Alexander's Near or Random Acts  
01/24/2013 Listen Kittens, Charlie Chaplin, and Death Hart Crane
Jennifer Michael Hecht
01/16/2013 Listen Asleep, But Not at Rest Weldon Kees
Kathleen Rooney
01/14/2013 Listen Ghassan Zaqtan: International Poets in Conversation Fady Joudah
Ghassan Zaqtan
01/10/2013 Listen How Terrific It Is Lisa Jarnot
01/08/2013 Listen I Can't Get Started: A Discussion of Bill Berkson's "Signature Song" Bill Berkson
01/01/2013 Listen "We All Exist, Wetly" Sara Miller
Kelly Cherry
Barbara Perez
Matthew Nienow
Laura Kasischke
12/31/2012 Listen Year's End Richard Wilbur
12/30/2012 Listen Map to the Stars Adrian Matejka
12/29/2012 Listen Mushrooms Laura Kasischke
12/28/2012 Listen Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Matthew Rohrer
12/27/2012 Listen New Endymion W. S. Di Piero
12/26/2012 Listen Bantams in Pine Woods Wallace Stevens
12/23/2012 Listen Radio Crackling, Radio Gone Lisa Olstein

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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