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Conversion Comedy

By Ange Mlinko


09/20/2012 Listen Spring and Fall Gerard Manley Hopkins
09/19/2012 Listen meditating upon the meaning of the line "clams on the halfshell and rollerskates" in the song "good times" by chic D. A. Powell
09/18/2012 Listen In the Meantime Lisa Olstein
09/17/2012 Listen The Sun Rising John Donne
09/17/2012 Listen Third Avenue in Sunlight Anthony Hecht
09/16/2012 Listen Final Autumn Annie Finch
09/15/2012 Listen The Seekonk Woods Galway Kinnell
09/14/2012 Listen God's Grandeur Gerard Manley Hopkins
09/13/2012 Listen To Autumn John Keats
09/12/2012 Listen to where David Ferry
09/12/2012 Listen Dunya Mikhail: International Poets in Conversation  
09/12/2012 Listen Who Done It in Brooklyn? Julian Talamantez Brolaski
09/11/2012 Listen Photograph from September 11 Wisława Szymborska
09/10/2012 Listen Anniversary Marie Ponsot
09/09/2012 Listen The Nineteenth Century as a Song Robert Hass
09/08/2012 Listen Mapping the Genome Michael Symmons Roberts
09/06/2012 Listen Valéry as Dictator Amiri Baraka
09/05/2012 Listen Here Samuel Menashe
09/04/2012 Listen Cut from the Same Tongue: A Discussion of Gregory Djanikian's "Armenian Pastoral, 1915" Gregory Djanikian
09/04/2012 Listen "You've Never Seen My Shower" Dana Levin
James Longenbach
Deborah Paredez
Frederick Seidel
09/03/2012 Listen The Shield of Achilles W. H. Auden
09/02/2012 Listen “For you: anthophilous, lover of flowers” Reginald Dwayne Betts
09/01/2012 Listen Animalistic Hymn Edith Södergran
08/30/2012 Listen Women in Labor Mary Ruefle
08/28/2012 Listen Summer Garden Louise Glück

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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