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Beautiful Habit

By Tom Raworth


05/01/2012 Listen 1926 Weldon Kees
05/01/2012 Listen Bees Jean Valentine
04/29/2012 Listen Thai Silk Alexander Theroux
04/28/2012 Listen Flame C. D. Wright
04/27/2012 Listen The Nights Geoffrey Brock
04/26/2012 Listen Fork Charles Simic
04/25/2012 Listen Bolero Gerald Stern
04/24/2012 Listen rotten oasis Judith Goldman
04/23/2012 Listen For the Old Gnostics Robert Bly
04/21/2012 Listen Light C. K. Williams
04/19/2012 Listen The Goose Fish Howard Nemerov
04/18/2012 Listen After the Pillow Book Peter Pereira
04/18/2012 Listen Johnny One Note W. S. Di Piero
04/18/2012 Listen Having My Cards Read W. S. Di Piero
04/18/2012 Listen It's That Time W. S. Di Piero
04/18/2012 Listen What's Left W. S. Di Piero
04/17/2012 Listen Elegy a Little Donald Revell
04/15/2012 Listen Boil Alicia Ostriker
04/13/2012 Listen Portrait of an Old Woman on the College Tavern Wall Anne Sexton
04/12/2012 Listen A Display of Mackerel Mark Doty
04/11/2012 Listen One Afternoon ["On tiptoe, putting away a box..."] Joanie Mackowski
04/10/2012 Listen The Gift Dara Wier
04/08/2012 Listen The Weight Linda Gregg
04/07/2012 Listen Descending Theology: Christ Human Mary Karr
04/05/2012 Listen A Prior Despair Scott Cairns

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