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Home to Roost

By Kay Ryan


06/13/2012 Listen Night Music Linda Gregg
06/13/2012 Listen Even in Mississippi Natasha Trethewey
Dana Gioia
06/12/2012 Listen Tyranny of Moths Gerald Vizenor
06/11/2012 Listen On Leaving the Bachelorette Brunch Rachel Wetzsteon
06/10/2012 Listen Plaint in a Major Key Jorge Sánchez
06/10/2012 Listen South Natasha Trethewey
06/09/2012 Listen Theories of Time and Space Natasha Trethewey
06/07/2012 Listen Fever 103° Sylvia Plath
06/07/2012 Listen Be Kind While There's Time Philip Larkin
Mary Karr
Nick Laird
06/06/2012 Listen Space Station Tom Sleigh
06/05/2012 Listen Scrabble with Matthews David Wojahn
06/04/2012 Listen [They travel in threes] Susan Hampton
06/02/2012 Listen self-exam (my body is a cage) Nick Flynn
06/02/2012 Listen Miscegenation Natasha Trethewey
06/01/2012 Listen Vase Poppies Jennifer Scappettone
06/01/2012 Listen Incident Natasha Trethewey
06/01/2012 Listen "That discrete first pock" Kathleen Raine
Denise Levertov
W. S. Di Piero
Claudia Emerson
Stuart Dybek
Mary Ruefle
05/31/2012 Listen Darkling Summer, Ominous Dusk, Rumorous Rain Delmore Schwartz
05/30/2012 Listen On Wanting to Tell [ ] about a Girl Eating Fish Eyes Mary Szybist
05/27/2012 Listen Funny Strange Jennifer Michael Hecht
05/25/2012 Listen [Down from another planet they have settled to mend] Josephine Miles
05/24/2012 Listen The Healing Power of Poetry Joanne Kyger
Jennifer Nix
05/23/2012 Listen Obscure Things Have Already Been Said: A Discussion of Joan Retallack's "Not a Cage" Joan Retallack
05/23/2012 Listen As You Walk Out One Morning Glyn Maxwell
05/22/2012 Listen [as freedom is a breakfastfood] E. E. Cummings

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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