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Home to Roost

By Kay Ryan


10/30/2012 Listen Afterword Louise Glück
10/29/2012 Listen Forecast Ruth Stone
10/28/2012 Listen Disgraceland Mary Karr
10/27/2012 Listen Changeling Rhina P. Espaillat
10/26/2012 Listen Sweeping the States Jacob Saenz
10/25/2012 Listen The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock T. S. Eliot
10/24/2012 Listen Search Party W. S. Merwin
10/24/2012 Listen Romancing the Pork Jane Hirshfield
Bertolt Brecht
Kevin Young
Robin Robertson
Les Murray
10/23/2012 Listen Mingus at the Showplace William Matthews
10/22/2012 Listen In a Station of the Metro Ezra Pound
10/21/2012 Listen Hamlen Brook Richard Wilbur
10/20/2012 Listen Green Red Brown and White May Swenson
10/19/2012 Listen Grass on the Cliff Robinson Jeffers
10/19/2012 Listen Dark Room Collective Nehassaiu deGannes
Kevin Young
Sharan Strange
Major Jackson
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Natasha Trethewey
10/18/2012 Listen “Any fool can get into an ocean . . .” Jack Spicer
10/17/2012 Listen A Child's Garden of Gods Belle Randall
10/17/2012 Listen Poems that Knock it Out of the Park Gail Mazur
Donald Hall
10/16/2012 Listen Tired, Poor, Huddled, Gentrified: A Discussion of Bernadette Mayer's "The Tragic Condition of the Statue of Liberty" Bernadette Mayer
10/16/2012 Listen The Prisoners of War Tom Disch
10/15/2012 Listen Of Late George Starbuck
10/14/2012 Listen A Not So Good Night in the San Pedro of the World Charles Bukowski
10/13/2012 Listen From "Cahoots" Cid Corman
10/12/2012 Listen Fabrication of Ancestors Alan Dugan
10/11/2012 Listen Dark Ceiling Edward Dorn
10/10/2012 Listen The History of Mothers of Sons Lisa Furmanski

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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