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Producer Curtis Fox explores the diverse world of contemporary American poetry with readings by poets, interviews with critics, and short poetry documentaries. Nothing is off limits, and nobody is taken too seriously.
Schedule: Weekly

Battle of the Bards

Hear Denise Levertov's scathing Vietnam poem "Life at War," and find out why it made her friend Robert Duncan declare war on her.

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Mary Karr
Nick Laird
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Jennifer Nix
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Gerald Stern
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Walt Whitman
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Emily Dickinson
Dorothea Tanning
Paul Laurence Dunbar
W. S. Merwin
Gwendolyn Brooks
Lucille Clifton
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Heather McHugh
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Eavan Boland
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E. E. Cummings
Alice Fulton
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David Yezzi
01/12/2012 Listen A Wild Solitude Revealed Robert Duncan
Lisa Jarnot
12/31/2011 Listen Drinking in Poetry Frank O'Hara
Alicia Ostriker
Kenneth Koch
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12/01/2011 Listen No Place for the Little Lyric Adrienne Rich
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10/21/2011 Listen The Waste Land: The App T. S. Eliot
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09/16/2011 Listen Much Casual Death Anthony Hecht
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Martín Espada
Adam Zagajewski
William Jay Smith
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08/11/2011 Listen Lines for Hard Times Philip Levine
Edward Hirsch

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