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The Lovers of the Poor

By Gwendolyn Brooks


01/27/2012 Listen Me and Bubble went to Memphis Thylias Moss
01/25/2012 Listen Shell Harriet Brown
01/24/2012 Listen proportions of a giant in monument valley Judith Goldman
01/23/2012 Listen LAMENTA: 423 Myung Mi Kim
01/19/2012 Listen Do You Love Me? Robert Wrigley
01/16/2012 Listen During Wind and Rain Thomas Hardy
01/13/2012 Listen How to Continue John Ashbery
01/12/2012 Listen Eating Sin Michael Sharkey
01/10/2012 Listen Woman and Child Judith Beveridge
01/09/2012 Listen Minor Miracle Marilyn Nelson
01/06/2012 Listen from Light: Blue Poles Inger Christensen
01/05/2012 Listen Do Words Outlast Gregory Orr
01/04/2012 Listen White Bridge Road Joan Murray
01/02/2012 Listen Leviathan George Oppen
12/31/2011 Listen On the Great Atlantic Rainway Kenneth Koch
12/30/2011 Listen Aperture Jennifer Tonge
12/29/2011 Listen Vixen W. S. Merwin
12/28/2011 Listen Myth of the Blaze George Oppen
12/26/2011 Listen Scumble Rae Armantrout
12/25/2011 Listen Ode on a Grecian Urn John Keats
12/22/2011 Listen Precision German Craftsmanship Matthew Rohrer
12/14/2011 Listen Wonder as Wander Sharon Olds
12/12/2011 Listen Myths of the Disappearance Monica Ferrell
12/11/2011 Listen The One Remaining Star Susanne Dubroff
12/10/2011 Listen I Covered a Great Distance Without Effort  

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