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By Kay Ryan


02/10/2016 Listen The Problem of Love Nate Marshall
Reginald Dwayne Betts
02/01/2016 Listen February 2016: "The Obscure Lives of Poets" C. D. Wright
Phillis Levin
Bernadette Mayer
Tyehimba Jess
01/27/2016 Listen A Radical Poet's Radical Poet Lola Ridge
Terese Svoboda
01/27/2016 Listen Adult Acne Elaine Kahn
01/27/2016 Listen A Voluptuous Dream During an Eclipse Elaine Kahn
01/27/2016 Listen Watching It Happen Elaine Kahn
01/19/2016 Listen The Laurel Crown: A Discussion of Allen Grossman's "My Radiant Eye" Allen Grossman
01/13/2016 Listen Some Words for a Newborn Daughter Hannah Gamble
Roger Reeves
01/05/2016 Listen From “summer, somewhere” Danez Smith
01/01/2016 Listen January 2016: "If He Asks Where He Is, Say Gone" Jane Mead
Naomi Shihab Nye
Danez Smith
Brenda Hillman
12/23/2015 Listen Poets We've Lost Cynthia Macdonald
C. K. Williams
12/09/2015 Listen Middle Passage Robert Hayden
Lavelle Porter
12/08/2015 Listen I too received identity: A Discussion of Rob Fitterman’s Sprawl Robert Fitterman
12/01/2015 Listen December 2015: "Nothing Is Too Small" Jeffrey Skinner
Sheryl Luna
Safiya Sinclair
Michael N. McGregor
Robert Lax
11/25/2015 Listen Explicit Lyrics Erika L. Sánchez
Jacob Saenz
11/23/2015 Listen Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellström: International Poets in Conversation Malena Mörling
Tomas Tranströmer
11/17/2015 Listen No Spell Broken: A Discussion of CAConrad's (Soma)tic Midge CAConrad
11/11/2015 Listen All Artists Are Dogs James Merrill
Ange Mlinko
11/03/2015 Listen Harris Khalique: International Poets in Conversation Harris Khalique
Christopher Merrill
11/01/2015 Listen November 2015: "Beauty. Beauty. Beauty." Kate Farrell
Meghan O'Rourke
Hai-Dang Phan
Ed Roberson
10/28/2015 Listen Social Media, Race, and Disney Princesses Franny Choi
Saeed Jones
10/20/2015 Listen Dreams Not Spoiled by Roaches: A Discussion of Helen Adam’s “Cheerless Junkie’s Song" Helen Adam
10/07/2015 Listen A Very Short, Very Famous Poem Robert Creeley
Prageeta Sharma
10/01/2015 Listen October 2015: "Let It Happen Again If You Can” Corey Mesler
Camille T. Dungy
Matt Hart
Jennifer Chang
09/24/2015 Listen Meditation Denying Everything Katie Peterson

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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