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By Kay Ryan


08/20/2013 Listen Charles Darwin Condensed Lorine Niedecker
Hannah Brooks-Motl
08/13/2013 Listen Chris Abani: International Poets in Conversation Chris Abani
Matthew Shenoda
08/01/2013 Listen Wives in the Avocados Allen Ginsberg
07/30/2013 Listen Fierce Storehouses of Articulation: A Discussion of Rachel Blau DuPlessis's "Draft 85: Hard Copy" Rachel Blau DuPlessis
07/18/2013 Listen Channeling Catullus Hannah Gamble
Bernadette Mayer
Gaius Valerius Catullus
07/08/2013 Listen Patrizia Cavalli: International Poets in Conversation Patrizia Cavalli
Geoffrey Brock
07/03/2013 Listen Tennessee Williams on a One-Night Stand Tennessee Williams
07/01/2013 Listen July/August 2013: Talking to the Dead Christina Davis
James Galvin
Sadiqa de Meijer
Bianca Stone
Ruth Stone
06/26/2013 Listen Poems to Read at Gay and Lesbian Weddings Walt Whitman
Christina Rossetti
Essex Hemphill
06/25/2013 Listen Perhaps a New Optimism: A Discussion of Ray DiPalma's "It makes of nonsense" Ray DiPalma
06/12/2013 Listen Children's Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt Kenn Nesbitt
06/10/2013 Listen Vera Pavlova & Valzhyna Mort: International Poets in Conversation Valzhyna Mort
Vera Pavlova
06/06/2013 Listen Beautiful Voices Project Harmony Holiday
05/31/2013 Listen June 2013: Poems from Afghanistan Eliza Griswold
05/30/2013 Listen Bishop and Lowell Elizabeth Bishop
Robert Lowell
05/28/2013 Listen Girl Head Mostly Eyes: A Discussion of Catherine Wagner's "This is a Fucking Poem" Catherine Wagner
05/17/2013 Listen Simon Ortiz Simon J. Ortiz
05/15/2013 Listen Poetry for Weddings Heather McHugh
05/14/2013 Listen Deep Heart's Core Sound: A Discussion of William Butler Yeats's "Lake Isle of Innisfree." William Butler Yeats
05/09/2013 Listen Happy Complicated Mother's Day Lucille Clifton
05/01/2013 Listen May 2013: Yes, Tarp Marie Ponsot
Jessica Greenbaum
Rick Barot
Amiri Baraka
04/29/2013 Listen Appalachian Poetry James Wright
César Vallejo
Irene McKinney
Idra Novey
04/18/2013 Listen Kwame Dawes: International Poets in Conversation Kwame Dawes
Matthew Shenoda
04/17/2013 Listen Poetry at the 92nd Street Y Donald Justice
Laura Kasischke
04/16/2013 Listen The Day Pours out Space: A Discussion of Lisa Robertson's The Weather Lisa Robertson

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