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By Kay Ryan


07/11/2012 Listen Her Commerce in Shall Catherine Wagner
07/10/2012 Listen Find the Missing Line: A Discussion of Jennifer Moxley's "The Atrophy of Private Life" Jennifer Moxley
07/10/2012 Listen Memory of Summer Bruce F. Murphy
07/09/2012 Listen Providence Natasha Trethewey
07/08/2012 Listen The Icehouse in Summer Howard Nemerov
07/07/2012 Listen Carrion Comfort Gerard Manley Hopkins
07/01/2012 Listen Infanta Marina Wallace Stevens
07/01/2012 Listen Your Other Heart Adrian Matejka
Saskia Hamilton
Natalie Shapero
Jill Alexander Essbaum
06/29/2012 Listen The Third Hour of the Night Frank Bidart
06/26/2012 Listen The Value of a Pronoun: A Discussion of Ron Silliman's You Ron Silliman
06/26/2012 Listen In the Basement of the Goodwill Store Ted Kooser
06/26/2012 Listen What's a Body Language For? William Matthews
David Yezzi
06/25/2012 Listen Heavy Summer Rain Jane Kenyon
06/24/2012 Listen The Tyger William Blake
06/23/2012 Listen "Our sweet companions-sharing your bunk and your bed" Marina Tsvetaeva
06/22/2012 Listen The Lie Don Paterson
06/21/2012 Listen Mosquito Music Philip Gross
06/20/2012 Listen Coda Fred Muratori
06/20/2012 Listen Oral History Initiative: On Frank O'Hara Frank O'Hara
John Ashbery
Ron Padgett
06/18/2012 Listen kitchenette building Gwendolyn Brooks
06/18/2012 Listen The Windhover Gerard Manley Hopkins
06/16/2012 Listen kenyans/Michelangelo Judith Goldman
06/15/2012 Listen San Zeno Zach Finch
06/14/2012 Listen The Mission Kevin Young
06/14/2012 Listen Pied Beauty Gerard Manley Hopkins

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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