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By Rodney Jones


06/03/2015 Listen A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning John Donne
06/02/2015 Listen Tommy Rudyard Kipling
06/02/2015 Listen The Walk Thomas Hardy
06/02/2015 Listen Conversion Billy Collins
06/02/2015 Listen Meeting at Night Robert Browning
06/02/2015 Listen To the Harbormaster Frank O'Hara
06/02/2015 Listen I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud ("Daffodils") William Wordsworth
06/02/2015 Listen Renascence Edna St. Vincent Millay
06/02/2015 Listen A Supermarket in California Allen Ginsberg
06/02/2015 Listen The House Was Quiet and The World Was Calm Wallace Stevens
06/02/2015 Listen The Walrus and the Carpenter Lewis Carroll
06/02/2015 Listen Sonnet 116 William Shakespeare
06/02/2015 Listen Life Story Tennessee Williams
06/02/2015 Listen The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Samuel Taylor Coleridge
06/02/2015 Listen Ulysses Alfred, Lord Tennyson
06/02/2015 Listen To His Coy Mistress Andrew Marvell
06/02/2015 Listen Love Song Dorothy Parker
06/02/2015 Listen Tonight, in Oakland Danez Smith
06/01/2015 Listen June 2015: "You don't mean any harm" Rebecca Gayle Howell
Erika L. Sánchez
Carl Phillips
John Wieners
Michael Seth Stewart
05/29/2015 Listen If I Could Tell You W. H. Auden
05/29/2015 Listen To What You Said Walt Whitman
05/29/2015 Listen Elegy In a Theatrical Warehouse Kenneth Fearing
05/29/2015 Listen Otherwise Jane Kenyon
05/29/2015 Listen On Death Kahlil Gibran
05/29/2015 Listen Ye Elves of Hills, Brooks, Standing Lakes and Groves William Shakespeare

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