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Parkinson's Disease

By Galway Kinnell


09/09/2015 Listen The Poet and the Riot Gwendolyn Brooks
Elizabeth Alexander
Haki Madhubuti
Don L. Lee
09/01/2015 Listen September 2015: "Things No Longer There" Michelle O’Sullivan
Billy Ramsell
Victoria Kennefick
Patrick Cotter
08/24/2015 Listen Ten Years Later Patricia Smith
Joyelle McSweeney
08/18/2015 Listen The Body in Pain: A discussion of Gill Ott's "The Forgotten" Gil Ott
08/12/2015 Listen Making the Case for Poetry Rebecca Hazelton
08/11/2015 Listen Cinque Terre Jon Pineda
08/11/2015 Listen The Muse, or Stars Out on Interstate 81 South Jon Pineda
08/07/2015 Listen Wide Receiver Mark Halliday
08/07/2015 Listen Quite Frankly Mark Halliday
08/07/2015 Listen Time in a Brown House Mark Halliday
07/29/2015 Listen For Love of Russia Anna Akhmatova
07/29/2015 Listen Divorced Fathers and Pizza Crusts Mark Halliday
07/29/2015 Listen The Halls Mark Halliday
07/29/2015 Listen La Marquise de Gloire Mark Halliday
07/29/2015 Listen The Missing Poem Mark Halliday
07/29/2015 Listen Pathos of the Momentary Smile Mark Halliday
07/29/2015 Listen Poetry Failure Mark Halliday
07/28/2015 Listen The President Flies Over Patricia Smith
07/28/2015 Listen Prologue—And Then She Owns You Patricia Smith
07/28/2015 Listen Siblings Patricia Smith
07/28/2015 Listen What You Pray Toward Patricia Smith
07/28/2015 Listen Flowers from a New Love after the Divorce Paisley Rekdal
07/28/2015 Listen Happiness Paisley Rekdal
07/28/2015 Listen Why Some Girls Love Horses Paisley Rekdal
07/27/2015 Listen Lilacs on my Birthday Joyce Peseroff

Originally appeared in Poetry magazine.

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