NewsHour Poetry Series
Why we need poetry to slow us down
For MacArthur fellow Ellen Bryant Voigt, nature has always served as an inspiration for her poetry.

NewsHour Poetry Series
What we’ve gotten wrong about this Robert Frost classic
It’s one of the most famous poems in American history. But David Orr, poetry columnist for The New York Times, says “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is widely . . .

NewsHour Poetry Series
Che Guevara’s Son on Cuba’s Coming Identity Crisis
When Omar Perez was 25, he found out his father was the revolutionary Che Guevara. For Perez -- a poet, artist and musician -- the revelation didn’t much change his outlook on life, or on Cuba.

NewsHour Poetry Series
From the fields to the Library of Congress, Juan Felipe Herrera took a winding path to poetry
Juan Felipe Herrera is the son of migrant workers from Mexico, and becomes the first Latino to serve as poet laureate of the United States.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Jeffrey Brown translates his reporting life into a new book of poetry
NewsHour audiences know Jeffrey Brown for his reporting on breaking news, as well as on books, culture and poetry. Now he's the author of his own collection of poetry, aptly titled "The News."

NewsHour Poetry Series
After her husband’s sudden death, Elizabeth Alexander writes their love story
In a new memoir, “The Light of the World,” Elizabeth Alexander writes of love and catastrophe -- falling in love with the man who would become her husband.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Revisiting the Great Migration through paintings and poetry
The Great Migration of 6 million African-Americans from the rural South to the urban North was a shift that reshaped America forever. Artist Jacob Lawrence captured that story. 

NewsHour Poetry Series
Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti laments a changing San Francisco
Ninety-six-year-old Lawrence Ferlinghetti settled in San Francisco in the 1950s, where he opened the City Lights bookshop and publishing house.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Say what? Half the world’s languages will vanish by the end of the century
There are over 6,000 languages spoken around the world today. But by the end of this century, fewer than half of them will remain.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Using poetry to uncover the moments that lead to racism
Poet and playwright Claudia Rankine says that the small moments that carve gaps of misunderstanding between Americans lead to big, national moments of misunderstanding, like events in Ferguson . . .

NewsHour Poetry Series
Storymoja festival celebrates flourishing African literature
In September, writers and readers gathered at Storymoja, an annual literary festival in Africa. It was also a time to remember Ghanaian poet Kofi Awooner. Jeffrey Brown reports on new voices . . .

Favorite Poem Project
"The Idea of Order at Key West" by Wallace Stevens
Read by Hana Bajramovic

NewsHour Poetry Series
Poet finds solace in elegy of departed son’s wild energy
When Edward Hirsch lost his son to a drug-related cardiac arrest, the poet began collecting his memories. Jeffrey Brown spoke with Hirsch near his home in New York.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Poet remembers fallen friend James Foley
Daniel Johnson reads his poem “In the Absence of Sparrows” written during the 656-day captivity of his friend, journalist James Foley. Foley was murdered by the Islamic State . . .

NewsHour Poetry Series
After fatal gun accidents, children can find comfort in poetry
Poet Gregory Orr speaks of his own childhood tragedy.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Garrison Keillor on loving poetry ‘as clear statement’
NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown spoke with Garrison Keillor of “A Prairie Home Companion” and “The Writer’s Almanac,” about the American Public Media . . .

NewsHour Poetry Series
Letter by letter, turning Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’ into a work of art
Printing Whitman’s masterpiece by hand.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Vijay Seshadri on seeing the big picture with poetry
Pulitzer-winning poet Vijay Seshadri finds inspiration all around him and fuses the fantastic with the everyday.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Encouraging poetry through community service
Graduate students encourage poetry through community service.

NewsHour Poetry Series
Remembering civil rights history, when ‘words meant everything’
U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey and Jeffrey Brown travel from Mississippi to Alabama and examine the role of poetry in advancing the civil rights movement's message for justice and freedom.

Favorite Poem Project
"The Children of the Poor" by Gwendolyn Brooks
Read by Naomi Beckwith

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