NewsHour Poetry Series
Junk Man: Poet and Professor Albert Goldbarth
Poet and toy collector Albert Goldbarth is a two-time winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, as well as the Mark Twain Prize for Humor. 04:43

Children's Poet Laureate
Children’s Poet Laureate Presents: All My Shoes Come in Twos
Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman reads from her first collection, All My Shoes Come in Twos. 12:27

NewsHour Poetry Series
Writer, Poet Jim Harrison Is a Determined “Outsider”
Most of Jim Harrison's books have been set in sparsely populated areas, including "Paradise Valley," where he now lives much of the year. 7:35

Poetry Documentaries
Poetry Out Loud 2006 National Finals Video
Produced by WGBH and David Grubin Productions, in association with the Poetry Foundation, this short film highlights the 2006 National Finals of the Poetry Out Loud: National . . . 11:40

NewsHour Poetry Series
Bob Hicok Reflects on Economic Hardships in Michigan
The poetry of Michigan-born Bob Hicok addresses the economic hardships suffered in his home 4:36

Poetry Documentaries
Reel Poetry: “Migrations”
Poem by Dorian Merina, film by Alyssa Sherwood. Inaugural prize-winner of the Poetry Film Prize. 6:51

Children's Poet Laureate
Children’s Poet Laureate Presents: The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman reads from The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear. 11:05

NewsHour Poetry Series
Unlikely Laureate: A Conversation with Kay Ryan
Known for short, compact writing and for living a very quiet life, Kay Ryan has taken on a big and very public role as the nation's Poet Laureate. 8:26

Children's Poet Laureate
Children’s Poet Laureate Presents: I Like Old Clothes
Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman reads her collection I Like Old Clothes. 04:18

NewsHour Poetry Series
Transcript of Lincoln Inspires Poem for 16th President
Poet and journalist Cynthia Zarin’s poem for Abraham Lincoln was inspired by a discovery in a shoebox. 02:40

NewsHour Poetry Series
Acclaimed American Author John Updike Dies at Age 76
Remembering John Updike, one of the most prolific and popular American authors of his generation. 11:11

NewsHour Poetry Series
Elizabeth Alexander Reflects on Inauguration Reading
The poet discusses the significance of including poetry in the inauguration ceremonies and shares some of her work. 08:53

Children's Poet Laureate
Children’s Poet Laureate Presents: Laughing Time
Mary Ann Hoberman reads from William Jay Smith's Laughing Time (Little, Brown, 1953), a favorite children's poetry collection of the Poet Laureate and her family. 06:59

NewsHour Poetry Series
The Electorate Process Inspires “Election Day” Poem
Following the historic 2008 presidential election, J.D. McClatchy, a professor, poet and critic, reads “Election Day,” a poem about voting. 02:18

NewsHour Poetry Series
Merwin’s Passion for Poetry and the Natural World
W.S. Merwin reads several of his poems and talks with Jeffrey Brown about memory, language, and his life as a poet and horticulturist. 03:02

NewsHour Poetry Series
Santa Fe Spoken Word Club Explores Indian Identity, History
The Spoken Word Club at the Santa Fe Indian School maintains links to native language and culture through verse. 06:31

NewsHour Poetry Series
Oregon Poet Laureate Inada Reflects on Internment
Lawson Inada shares poems about childhood experiences in Japanese American internment camps during World War II. 03:53

NewsHour Poetry Series
Poet Kwame Dawes Takes On HIV/AIDS in Jamaica
Kwame Dawes reads his poems and talks to correspondent Jeffrey Brown about HOPE: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica. 06:35

NewsHour Poetry Series
Pau-Llosa Discusses Latin American Art, Shares Poem
Poet and art critic Ricardo Pau-Llosa reads from his new collection, "Parable Hunter." 04:04

NewsHour Poetry Series
Poetry Program Gives Prisoners Unexpected Voice
For more than 30 years, poet and professor Richard Shelton has traveled to a high security prison in Arizona to run a program that encourages prisoners to write and read poetry. 09:14

NewsHour Poetry Series
Richey's Poetry Addresses Son's Role as a Soldier
The poems in Frances Richey's "The Warrior" are written to her son, who has served two tours in Iraq. 08:48

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