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Journal, Day Five November 17, 2006: [Indianapolis International Airport–Gate D1] US Airways Express Flight 3078G 17NOV 1200P Coach Class–Zone 3 Indianapolis to Boston 25 Thoughts for Friday 1. So many successful people in the public sphere suffer from mild forms of narcissism and pretense, especially politicians, art administrators, and poets. 2. Beware [...] by

Journal, Day Four November 16, 2006: ********************** 11:40 a.m. Grant Street Inn Bloomington, IN I just returned from chatting with Cathy Bowman’s bright students: Ali (rhymes with Cali), Sara, Allie, Joyce, Zach, and Emily. They read Hoops and had some insightful observations and posed some intelligent questions that had me, while formulating answers, revisit and [...] by

Journal, Day Three November 15, 2006: 4:12 a.m. 34 Concord Avenue, 3rd Floor [Listening to The Roots Game Theory and staring at this upright Steinway piano in my studio with the tall, glass vase of (tiger?) lilies I inherited from my friend and studio neighbor Anna Shuleit as she was booking it out of town. The air is resonant with their dying. I’ve not bothered to sweep away [...] by

Journal, Day Two November 14, 2006: It was no less a revolution blistering with historic urgency, 10 years ago in June, when poets and teachers Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady auspiciously convened the first weeklong gathering of black poets on the Hudson River in Esopus, New York, one week prior to Father’s Day. Poets of varying ages of African descent came from Colorado, [...] by

Journal, Day One November 13, 2006: Against my better judgment, last night I drove from Burlington, Vermont, to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Intermittent rain and a broken headlight made for a harrowing trip. However, probably unlike other regional transplants, I am both thrilled and terrified by the danger of driving in Vermont, referred to fondly by southern New Englanders as “The [...] by

Journal, Day Five November 10, 2006: On Book Reviewing and A Few of My Favorite (Recent) Poetry Books I have been reviewing books for the El Paso Times of Texas since June of 2002. This opportunity has shaped the only newspaper column in the country dedicated to U.S. Latino literature. (Fellow Chicano writers Sergio Troncoso and Daniel A. Olivas are also frequent contributors to [...] by

Journal, Day Four November 9, 2006: On Music, Rhythm, Image, and the Other Essentials I Want to Find in Poetry I was chatting with fellow queer Chicano poet Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano at a coffee shop at St. Edward’s University in Austin (there’s something about these college campus spaces that encourages deep thought and conversation), where we were bemoaning the fact that [...] by

Journal, Day Three November 8, 2006: On Writing Programs and the Profession I attended two writing programs: the poetry program at the University of California at Davis, where I worked with Sandra McPherson, Francisco X. Alarcón, and Clarence Major; and the fiction program at Arizona State University, where I worked with Jewell Parker Rhodes, Alberto Ríos, and Melissa Pritchard. [...] by

Journal, Day Two November 7, 2006: On Poetry as Family Bond A few weeks ago I was sitting in front of my alma mater’s library, where I was tickled to discover that a coffee shop had been set up at the entrance. What a handy idea for Arizona State University students who need that caffeine to keep the late-night research going and the midnight oil burning. Anyway, in 10 minutes [...] by

Journal, Day One November 6, 2006: On Being a Chicano Poet I am Chicano. Such a simple sentence, such a complex statement. The phrase is an act of empowerment, a recognition of cultural lineage, an affirmation of identity. I can make Chicano relevant to this blog and the Poetry Foundation’s invitation to speak to issues of poetry and poetics by declaring that I am a Chicano [...] by